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Winter Heights is located on the south-eastern coast of Oeste continent. It is the homeland for Humans and Dwarves. Communication between the two races is split by the Iceshard River. The area is under conflict by Lancet forces and Vile Centaur hordes.

Players who finish their childhood here may return, either to explore the region more, find missing collector's cards or visit the yearly Winter Festival near Hearth Village.


  • Knight Encampment - The starting camp of Humans. Beginners can get basic items here. Lionheart officers have a chain of tasks for each new player, which will reward them with basic equipment.
  • Hearth Village - The beginning Seat of the Dwarves. Center of craftsmanship and mining industry. As in Knight Encampment, there's a grocer. The Chiefs of this village will have some tasks, and new players can take part in Adulthood Ceremony to get their basic equipment.
  • Tusk Plain - A large meadow in front of the encampment, it is named after the large amounts of boars that roam the grass.
  • Aurora County North - A small farmstead that has been taken over by the Lancet assassins.
  • Riverside Garden - A quiet, lonely bed of flowers, a monument to Lord Porter stands here, players come here to honor him.
  • Southern Wood - The Southern Wood is much older than the rest of Winter Heights, an old set of barracks is broken down here.
  • Abandoned Mine - An old mine that the dwarves have yet to claim for their operations.
  • Snowglow Highland - The highland is where people pass through the mountains and down to the much warmer Southern Wood.
  • Carnival Palace - A plateau on the cliffside, the yearly in-game event Winter Festival is held here.
  • Frozen Channel - A large glacier of snow that makes up half of the freezing area's climate.
  • Isolation Valley - A small valley near the channel that is mainly isolated from the snow.
  • Bear Claw Ridge - A small cavern here makes the home of several ice bears.
  • Aurora Farm - The lifework of Aurora Count's farmers, hordes of barbaric Centaurs have driven them out and taken the farms for the Storm Legion.
  • Porter Manor - The former home of James Porter, Lord of Aurora County. It is now infested with Lancet minions.
  • Iceshard River - A large river that runs down the middle of Winter Heights. Players may find a large metallic water tank at the southern end of it.