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FW Wiki Rules and Regulations

  • Be respectful of other peoples contributions: We encourage you to add information where you can, but do not delete content that you disagree with. We prefer that you add to the content rather than having a "deletion war"

  • Uploading or posting offensive content will result in a game account punishment as well as a Wiki ban.

  • Duplicate Guides: If you have a class or other guide that you want to post but another has been posted, feel free to create a new guide page and add the link to the section index. Do not erase someone else's work to add yours.

  • Copyrighted Content: Any content that is not the property of Perfect World Entertainment should not be posted here without the express consent of the owner.

  • Terms of Service: By using this Wiki you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to abide by our official Terms of Service. Since this site is the property of PWE all rules do apply here.

  • Forum Rules: As this Wiki supports user contributions and interactions in ways that are similar to the forums, forum rules are in full effect here as well.

  • Front Page: Please leave all front page formatting to the staff, if you have something you'd like us to include, please send a PM to Melanderi on the official forums. You can also use ( for testing edits to the Main Page without disrupting it. Our admins can then copy over any useful edits :)

These rules may be expounded upon or modified at any time, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are abiding by all rules listed here.

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