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The greatest of the human kings, Hossinger Apelio, was known not only as a wise and just ruler, but also as a terror on the battlefield. Enemies would panic at the sight of the legendary sword he wielded. Many great enemies fell to his blade, so many in fact, that later Warriors would wield a sword in honor of that king.

Warriors make up the vanguard of any group. They are known to lead many groups into battle with strength and valor. Their exceptional fighting ability, coupled with their fiery courage, gives their allies an edge in any group battle. A Warrior's decisiveness and mastery of tactics can bolster the group's morale, often deciding the outcome of the battle.

This class is available for: Humans, Elves

To see what skills the Warrior can learn, see the Warrior Skill List page.

To see what Warrior equipment looks like, see the Armors and Weapons pages.

To learn about set gears check Warrior's Sets gear page.



  • Good HP (Bloodrage Stance)
  • High defense (Combat Stance)
  • Good damage (Frenzy Stance)
  • Good off-tank
  • 3 Stances to fit many roles


  • Low MP (Dependant on MP pots & MP regen food)
  • Not the best tank (Few multi-target attacks)
  • Short range


  • Physical
  • Wind

Talent Calculators found here [1]

Talent Trees

Each talent tree offers improvements to 1/3 specific Warrior stances.

  • Aegis: Focuses on improving Combat Stance to increase Defense
  • Bloodlust: Focuses on improving Bloodrage stance for more HP. Also stronger DoTs (Bleed Effects)
  • Elemental: Focuses on improving Frenzy Stance for more damage