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Back in the ancient times, a divinely beautiful woman, Shylia, performed a dark ritual with a man named Herghevid. The original vampire was created from this forbidden act. The Life force of this great Vampire King, has given his bloodline unimaginable power.

The vampire knowledge of magic with their proficiency of close combat make them deadly foes. Seeking power at any price, they use their own blood during battle to power their spells and vicious attacks. Vampires can also save the lives of their allies through their own sacrifice. The descendants of the Vampire King are very mysterious, often not showing their hidden motives until an opportune moment, often turning the battle in their favor.

This class is available for: Kindred

To see what skills the Vampire can learn, see the Vampire Skill List page.

To see what Vampire equipment looks like, see the Armors and Weapons pages.

To learn about set gears check Vampire's Sets gear page.




  • High damage output
  • Relatively high survivability
  • Ability to heal-versatility
  • Can solo some bosses


  • Spells drain mana very quickly
  • Lots of multitasking


  • Dark
  • Fire

Talent Trees

Vampire spells divide into Blood, Dark and Inferno talent-related.


Blood is considered the healer tree for aspiring Vampires, improving the existing and granting additional healing skills and effects to nourish allies. Blood is also considered the best solo target healer at end-game instance


The Dark Subz talent tree enhances Vampire skills based on Dark element, including very powerful bonuses to the Vampire form. Notable for this tree is adding a lot of HP sacrifices in order to strengthen Vampire skills. Mainly targeted for PVP play, Dark also feeds on the Dark Mastery.


Inferno talents support Fire element spells, also granting those who go this path Inferno Bat form. Inferno has the best dps output while using Inferno Bat out of all trees and is the most popular for Vampire players in damage.