Tomb of Kings

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TOK also requires 25-30k+ hp 40-50k+ for tanks and for healers its the same but if party is well balnced all 30k players or 30k with buffs you cna use a 25-30k preist and be alright. souls if it says your name and must kill royal spector or something kill the soul its yours if you dont kill it in 10-20 seconds you get 5min debuff with half hp mana and everything total die time. one way to get rid of it leave group have someone pk you and get sied back or someone wil leave group to pk you and be sied back when your dead. and when its not yours dont kill it but tell whoes it is in party chat so that person knows to kill their soul.

boss one high priest nipho he has a furous state note if he targets you in gob from run around him next there will be a point where hes close to dieing in human form at this point someone will say stop dps dont in any way dps durring this time or no royal exacuter bigs and no champipon points.

boss2 medusain monastry

she will ask questions make sure to get right answer if nto you wont be able to attakc or use skills for 11 seconds. 

next make sure to kill it before she ask 11 riddles or else what i said above. next its best to build groups that can kill her in 7 riddles or less to avoid getting too close to 11

boss 3 royal queen deva just kill one in center stand in red circle the buffs mean nothing its complete wered. if you get mroe then 5 buffs stand in another circle to get them off. dont kill other 2 no bigs that way.

boss 4 mongo executer jsut make sure some one gets plat forms and uses all 6 at least once thats what all 6 irratidated means for bigs room. also keep the bugs on AOE and not on player doing pillars

boss 5 king akena desolar if he calls the sleep be fails or something hop in lava then out as soon as you can if he summons medusa or kable kill them he will summon multiple bosses from the instance and others in the game. ref: note if you see a green buff on boss buffs do not attack thats ref damage someone will say ref to tell you when not to attack at end he will bring all minis you havent killed at max you can kill 2-3 minis diring the fight no more or bigs will not come. also try to use your most damaging skills at this point and try to stand as iff the minis are aproching you face to face so they dont kill you as they come in.

boss6 royal executer bigs answer riddles like on medusa also if your name is called run around boss or if your near the player whoes name is called hes got duel controls note near death he will bring bugs have AOE kil them. after hes dead an npc will appear talk to him 15 champiomn boom once per day thats TOK daily.

drops blue TOK gear sets reforagble green no reforagble TOK set and white as well storm stones with the 15 champion bigs kill gets any other questions