The Sanctuary

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The Sanctuary is the only land which is located on Cintura continent. It's mainstay of nature, homeland for Elves and Stonemen. But even here came some invaders. Lionheart soldiers and natives are fighting with Vile Centaurs, dwarven adventurers are hunting Wyverns in the Grand Rift.


  • Osloh Village - Elven habitat, place under the great god's power. Here Elven elders keep control over surrounding nature. Young Elves can learn here about powers they have and history of their race. During neighborhood exploration, elders will reward them with basic equipment.
  • Cragga Cavern - Magical cave in which Stonemen are born. Here all newborn Stonemen can inquire their destiny. During their first training they will be rewarded with basic equipment, to help them on new journey.
  • Sorrow Jungle - A small jungle, there are several tree stumps that the Elven are trying to nurture new trees from.
  • Elven Altar - An altar constructed by the elves to honor their goddess Illyfue, whom has disappeared.
  • Shelter Valley - The exit of Cragga Cavern, new Stonemen will leave the valley towards the southern battlefield.
  • Stony Passage - The passage is a formation in the mountains that home several wild fauna.
  • Scorched Battlefield - A large canyon that is currently under oppression from Vile Centuar.
  • Grand Rift - A deep rift in the land that is home to a Storm Legion wyvern and several Lancet Assassins. An expedition of Dwarves has landed here.
  • War Cry Passage - The base camp of the invading Centaurs. Players will receive missions to destroy the centaur and the camp to gain access to the port north of the passage.
  • West Edge Shore - A small port, several Lionheart ships are docked here to take new Elves and Stonemen to Freedom Harbor in Kalaires Plain.

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