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Contributions to this Wiki are often added by game players. Because some of them aren't familiar with the correct WIKI EDITING SCRIPT, some errors will occur. If someone can help to correct these errors, feel free to contribute.


We can't edit the main page?

Does anyone know why? Everytime I seem to go to the main page it says I'm not logged in, and that the page is protected? Are we suddenly banned from editing the main page or is this just me?

On another subject, is "God's Trial" supposed to be under quests? Anyone? lol
I can edit main page so looks like something is wrong in your end. About GT, I tried to link to more general Quests category instead of Daily Quests as it used to be. Fogpost 00:08, 21 April 2011 (PDT)

To be honest I don't like how the main page looks at all. Everything is squeezed to the minimal to take as less space as it can. It's just a list of things and many fast links were removed thanks to that. Instances / Pets and Jobs were good as it were before the change. Of course the huge list of Jobs was necessary before to show which jobs don't have the page created. But the splitting them into general / gatchering and crafting was good enough. Just my few cents.

~ Witchero

We need to add Reputations to the main page. List the available Reputations, their benefits, who they benefit and how to raise said Reputation. --Brewmaj 11:24, 25 May 2013 (PDT)