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Actually according to artwork Nyos should be a "she". ( ) Tho the text on main site reffers to Nyos as "him" as well...

I'm kinda puzzled here.

There's artwork for all gods out there, I'll try to toss it your way if I come across any good pictures. It would make nice addition to the pages.


I'm having a similar issue with Illyfue. The text on the site calls ??? a he in the history, and then a she in the Elves information. I can't find the Chinese site to sift through, so I can't verify it either way.


Illyfue is definately a female. According to the gods intro this 1 -> should be Illyfue. I need to find those arts clean from the wallpaper backgrounds tho.


Okay. So. Her name in Chinese is 是艾尔. We go from there. Chinese is hard.


Since we started the discussion here, I'll continue here. The arts on this wallpaper used to be available they ain't now, no idea why tho.

Black haired woman up front is Nyos. left from her with flamy hand is Dyos. Blue skinned one is Tytan. Redheaded elf is Illyfue. Old man with staff should be Vyda. One in white fur cape is Malvada. I have no clue about blonde elfe and the one in armor.

Out of these, I only have a high resolution version of Dyos (full figure) and a closeup of Illyfue.

Other idea is the pillars in GT Dark altar = Nyos, Light=Dyos. Earth is Tytan's.