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Press the 'E' key in-game to open the Skills panel. In Forsaken World there are a few categories of skills you can learn. While switching between tabs in Skills Window to check or drag certain actions to your Skills Bar.

Basic skills are just like the category says: a set of basic actions you can use like Normal Attack, Assist Attack, Trade, Pick Up, Invite Party and so on. They don't change through entire game - just at the beginning of your journey you will receive two new ones after obtaining a Pet.

The Primary tab will show the full list of skills your character can use. It can contain even a few pages after a while growing with the numbers of your skills. You can learn them and upgrade them at the Skill Tutor responsible for your class. He will be introduced to you at the beginning of your journey so you don't have to worry about finding him.

Each race gets two skills on the start - one blessing skill and one offensive one. Players often refers them as racial skills.

To see the complete list of skills for certain Class click on link below:

The Job tab shows the overall level of all Jobs skills you have. Job skill is different from job level - you can learn a certain job skill that will allow you using the profession you've chosen, while job level will unlock new recipes or new materials that you can gather. When job level will reach a certain limit it will stop growing and to unlock it (so to speak) you need to head to the right Job Tutor and raise the job skill.


Talents are useful for enchanting the effect on the skills. Every class can pick up one of three talent trees and each tree focuses on different attributes of skills available for that class. Also every tree gives two additional skills. Picking up and mixing the talent trees give many possibilities and everyone can try to find their own style.

If you made a mistake you can always use Talent Compass to reset talents and distribute them again. Talent Compass is available from Eyrda Boutique, Treasure Maps, from special NPCs and other players (Auction House, Personal Shops).

You will automatically unlock talent trees upon reaching level 20 and from that point you will receive one point every time you'll level.