Sea of Oblivion

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Sea of Oblivion is the third area (counting each races' starting areas as first) that players will explore in the world of Eyrda. Out of the currently available terrains, Sea of Oblivion is the one located deepest into Oeste continent.

It is still full of scars after the battle with the Storm Legion, and many artifacts left by both sides of the conflict still remain in the sands of this desert.


Safety Zones

  • Towerpush Town
  • Immaculate Oasis


  • Water Observatory (available from level 20)
  • Riverbank Beach (available from level 20)
  • Stone Depot (available from level 20)
  • City of Oblivion (available from level 30)
  • Pyrowrath Village (available from level 30)
  • Rubble Camp (available from level 30)
  • Darklight Cavern (it's located near Cave of Trance, available from level 30)


Elite monsters in this area drop Ruby Shards (needed for level 20-25 armor sets from Fleet of Myth Exchanger) and Sapphire Shards (needed for level 30-35 armor sets from Fleet of Myth Exchanger). Ruby Shards will drop from Elites level 20-26, Sapphire Shards from lvl 30-36 ones. Additional drops are Alchemy materials such as Vial of Magic Blood, Nutrition Supply and Boiling Blood.

These monsters are found in the same areas as their non-elite kind. Most have 2 different spawnspots close to one another.

  • Level 20 : Elite Sandworm;
  • Level 23 : Elite Hyena Mage, Elite Hyena Scout, Elite Withered, Elite Crusta Lizard;
  • Level 26 : Elite Whirlwind Puppet, Elite Wrathful Wind, Elite Ironjaw Warrior, Elite Ironjaw Grunt, Elite Ironjaw Slitter, Elite Scorpion Spitter, Elite Scorpion Lurker;
  • Level 30 : Elite Cursed Wanderer, Elite Desert Werewolf, Elite Wind Golem, Elite Sand Storm, Elite Eternal Queen
  • Level 33 : Elite Desert Ogre, Elite Desert Drake, Elite Undead Concubine, Elite Zombie Witch, Elite Khonem Guard, Elite Khonem Monk, Elite Khonem Steward, Elite Scarab, Elite Crypt Archer
  • Level 36 : Elite Scorpion Breeder, Elite Paksha, Elite Evanescent Fighter, Elite Gigas Warrior, Elite Chained Fiend, Elite Soul-Trapped Fiend, Elite Soul Eater

World Bosses

Sea of Oblivion is a home to 6 different World Bosses:

Killing Shadow Thief, Ironjaw King and Scorpion King complete Demon Hunt Achievement set for level 30 (Accessible under Legends (L) > Legend > Individual Growth > Lv30!).

Killing Khonem Attendant, Demon Marshaland Desert Bandit's Head complete Demon Hunt Achievement set for level 40 (Accessible under Legends (L) > Legend > Individual Growth > Lv40!).

Crafting Resources

Violet Kelp, Date Palm, Parchment Grass, Sleeping Lotus, Hyacinth, Golden Vine, Cactopus, Desert Rose.

Copper Ore

White Fish, Seaweed, Night Swordfish, Moonlight Eel