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Requirements: Level 40
Cost: 1 job point
Tutor: Paten Pat in the Craftsman Fair in Freedom Harbor


Salvaging a piece of armor or weapon will yield the following splinters and or prisms.

Mylvada - Power of destruction
Illyfue - Power of life
Vyda - Power of magic
Tytan - Power of protection

The number and type of splinters and prisms salvaged are dependent on the item (unconfirmed).

Prisms primarily come form blue (Elite) items while splinters come from green (Improved) items
The stats on the item determine the type of splinters or prisms you will receive
The stats on the item also determine the number of splinters or prisms you will receive


Level 1:

[Lv30-39] Elite Gear (Blue) [Lv40-49] Elite Gear (Blue) [Lv40-49] Improved Gear (Green)


Recipe Mylv Prism Illyfue Prism Vyda Prism Tytan Prism Reagent Vigor
Shard of Tytan 1 1 1 1 1 Shard Polymer 4 ?
Shard of Tytan (Advance) 10 10 10 10 1 Advance Shard Polymer 4 ?