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Stonemen, created from the ancient stone from which their name derives, have a monolithic fortitude which can withstand nearly any blow. Their bravery and fearlessness are legendary, shielding their allies from vicious attacks by taking it themselves. As the Stonemen became renowned for their exploits, they were referred to as Protectors. This is a fitting name for them, for with the strength of stone, they protect those with lesser armor.

Since the time when the chief of the Stonemen, L'ygch, the Fearless Heart, helped Hossinger Apelio defeat Assaya, the Protector class became known as the foundation for any real group going into battle. Their rock-hard determination and immense fortitude ensures a group shall never fear defeat as long as their Protector stands.

This class is available for: Stonemen

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Protectors have and only will be tanks, how a player plays their Stoneman tank is determined by their talent choices. Protectors, as their name boldly imply, have the job of protecting their teammates in dungeons and raids, either through taunting their enemies to them or empowering their defenses, a good protector never lets their team down.


  • High physical defense
  • Best tank
  • Wanted in parties
  • High HP


  • Limited range
  • Not the best damage


  • Earth
  • Light

Talent Trees

Protectors use their talent trees to differ how they play their role in protecting their allies from danger in a variety of ways.


[DPS] Diamond Protectors use this tree to increase their attack power and slowly destroy their enemies over time with small debuffs to weaken them. Diamond uses Earth Mastery

Diamond Protectors are Mainly Tanks/CC. Having 1 Disarm and 2 Stuns This tree allows the Protector to pin down his target. While at the same time Boast the highest Damage Dealing attacks of the 3 trees along with an attack boost with their ROCKY PROTECTION skill.


Protectors in Granite focus on empowering themselves as well as their allies using their auras and variety of buffs at their disposal. Granite demands Light Mastery.

Marble Protectors focus on Buffs and Debuffs to overcome their opponents, though mainly is used as a support role in parties. Apart from increased buffs on the 2 Auras all Protectors have available Granite has 3 other resistance buffing auras available to them with extra buffs they gain for them later on in the game. This tree also boasts Light based attacks with Resistance and Healing Debuffs.


Marble Protectors are a great asset in groups as they have an easier time gathering groups of enemies off allies, they also go a long way in slowly increasing their damage and buffs.