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From the earliest of battles, Priests have played an indispensable role. Their ability to channel angelic powers and of the healing arts allowed them to save countless lives. Through their indomitable faith, Priests keep their group members fighting where otherwise they'd have long fallen.

Their faith and undeniable desire to help all, allowed Priests to harness the power of the gods to heal the wounded, protect the weak, and cure the sick. A group can walk on the edges of darkness when supported by a Priest.

  • To see what Priest equipment looks like, see the Armors and Weapons pages.



Priest is probably the most wanted in parties class. Depending on their talent tree and race they can be good in both - PvE and PvP.


  • High healing potential
  • Good and welcome in both PvP and PvE
  • Multiple buffs for the party, your pet and yourself


  • Lower defense
  • Very few damaging moves
  • Can be heavily reliant on potions
  • Most expensive class to maintain due to high potion reliance, expensive gears and skills.


  • Water - Glacial
  • Light - Divine, Rebel

Talent Trees

Priests can choose from Divine, Rebel and Glacial Talent Trees in their growth.


Divine is the pure healing tree for priests, it focuses on increasing and modifying all healing capabilities such as healing amount, cooldowns, mana conservation and preventing damage on the allies of the priest as they seek to improve their skills. Divine priests take in their mastery of the light as aid.


Rebel focuses on the damage of a priest under the ways of the holy light. Amplifying their mastery of light to aid them and destroy their enemies. Rebel also focuses on increasing the capabilities of their buffs. Rebel takes in Light mastery as both offensive and defensive.


Glacial priests focus on outright destroying their enemies with a various array of water-related spells, their prime being kiters who slow their enemies down. Water mastery increases their damage output and other capabilities and is their only source of power under this tree.