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Out of the existing Forsaken World servers two enable open PvP : The US East PvP server Eyrda and EU PvP server Nyos.

Open PvP means that players can attack one another in every area, outside safe-zones. Safe areas usually cover cities, some regeneration spots (like Immaculate Oasis in Sea of Oblivion) or Dungeon entrances. Open PvP starts above level 30, when all players gain Wrath Awaken skill (the skill is given to players in all the servers, both PvP and PvE likewise).

On the PvE servers options of battling other players are limited to duels and Guild Wars.

PvP Settings

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These settings are accesible below character portrait in upper left corner of the screen (crossed swords icon) - and are first thing player needs to sort before entering PvP.

Incorrectly set Protected Targets may prevent from targeting and attacking opponent player intended to. Altering Tab-Targeting Priority settings to opponents first may also prove useful in case of MPK attempts when grinding in open PvP areas.

The Preset options allow to switch faster and easier between different settings.

Wrath Awaken


Wrath Awaken skill can be found in Basic Skills tab (hotkey E) of the Skill menu. It's aquired by all the characters at level 30.

Activating this skill will cause the Wrath energy consumption even if character is not involved in any PvP. The skill launches automaticly, though, whenever character will attack another player. The visible effect of activated Wrath is yellow glow around characters hand.


To keep Wrath energy up the orbs are needed. While character is involved in combat with Wrath Awaken active, used skills will generate purple colored orbs. They won't be able to pick up - untill they turn yellow. Wrath gauge can be filled with these, and when it reaches maximum the glow changes color to red - the bonuses gained from Wrath Awaken rise making the person will full gauge very dangerous oponent.

PK Penalties

Attacking other players is, of course, connected with various penalties for the killer. First off, the names of players display if they were involved in any PvP killings or not:

  • White Name - means player was not engaged in any pvp, nor have they retaliated to any attacker.
    White named players have a 2% chance to drop their items if killed.

  • Orange Name - gained when a white named player attacks another white named player or pet, or orange named person. If a person with Orange name kills another player - his name will become Red. If two Orange-named players fight and one kills another his name will remain Orange.
    Orange named players have a 2% chance to drop their items if killed.

  • Pink-Red Name - belongs to a player with PK points. The more PK points one gets, the darker his name will become (PK points can be checked by a player in his character window, upper right side). Attacking and killing Pink or Red named player doesn't result in any penalty.

Pink-Red named players have a very high chance of dropping unbound gear and items from their inventory if killed.

When accumulating PK points, one must remember that getting rid of them is not that easy. At this point PK points only disappear 1 per hour, and mentor points can be used to diminish them, 100 points for each pk point

Durability Loss

Another penalty for Red-named players is equipment loss and degradation. When a Red-named player is killed Max Durability of his equipment can degrade. Using items improving maximum durability (like Shard of Tytan) may rise the durability of the item again, but cost of this increases every 5 uses.