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Pets in Forsaken World follow you around and assist in combat.



Active Orders

You can directly control your pet's actions in combat by dragging the Basic Skills "Pet Attack" and "Recall Pet", as well as the pet's own skills, to skill bar slots. "Squishy" characters with durable pets can use this to have their pet tank for them.

Passive Orders

You have a great deal of control over your pet's default behavior.

  1. Combat modes: Attack, Defend, and Idle.
  • When set to Attack, if you attack a monster, your pet will start attacking the same monster.
  • When set to Defend, your pet will attack any monster that attacks you.
  • When set to Idle, the pet will not attack automatically.
  1. Follow setting. If you like, you can order your pet to stay in place instead of following you around. However, it will teleport to your side if you get far enough away from it.
  2. Self-Protection settings. You can have your pet automatically use an HP recovery potion when its HP falls below a certain percent. MP potions can be used automatically the same way.
  3. Skill Auto-Casting. All pet skills can be used manually, but most can be used automatically. Right-click on an Auto-cast Skill to toggle whether it's used automatically or not. (Skills set to automatic will have a yellow border.)

Talents and Combining

The stats a pet gains each level are based on its growth rates. You can increase a pet's growth rates by raising its Talent levels. (Increases are applied retroactively.)
To increase a pet's Talent levels, you can combine it with another pet with equal or higher Talent levels, or with a Star of Hope. However, a pet with a level requirement 30 or more levels below the target pet cannot be used.
The current maximum level any one Talent can achieve is 10.
To combine pets, talk to Pet Trainer Hicks in Freedom Harbor about Pet Combining.

Pet Food

  1. Meat
  2. Fruit
  3. Snacks
  4. Elemental Energy

You can buy meat from Pet Dealer Rachel in Freedom Harbor, she and other pet vendors will highlight the specific type of food your current summoned pet requires, or you can get it as a mob drop. For example, if your pet can eat various types of meat dropped by mobs (Wolf, Bear, Lizard, etc.). Snacks and Elemental energy will drop in Creekbank Valley.

Food restores 10% of belly. Belly affects all basic pet stats, so try to keep it above 90% for full pet's power. If you're AFK, or have to do something in town, stow your pet, it will consume less belly points, so you can spare some money.

Pet Journey

For more information on the newly introduced Pet Journey, see the link.

Pet Interaction

Pet interaction points regenerate 1 every 5 minutes your pet is called. The pet interaction icon is the paw print underneath your summoned pet portait. The first on the left of 3 icons.

Once a point is distributed on a mood, it is for that specific pet mood only. If your pet changes moods, either automatically by it's own self, or by your interaction, then whatever bonus goes with its current new mood will not be collective to its other moods.

One mood at a time, one pet bonus, they do not accumulate, meaning add to each other, and the mood can only be maxed to your pets current level limit. Your pet also will not level past you.

The current mood and level of the different moods can be found on the pet Detail page (hotkey P) under the pull down menu mood.

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