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This is a Daily quest given out by Rio.

The quest requires a party of a male character and a female character. The female must be the party leader.

Female Starter NPC: Rio (Freedom Harbor 55 19, 0 -13), Perfumer (Freedom Harbor 55 0, -1 -13)

Male Starter NPC: Rio (Freedom Harbor 55 19, 0 -13), Lieutenant Colonel Spharan (Freedom Harbor 57 39, 0 32)

Time Limit: 1 hour

Reward: EXP, Socialite Contributions, Action Scrolls


Go to perfumer (NPC) and start the quest. She will receive a perfume bottle with a RANDOM scent. She then informs the male which perfume she got and uses the perfume (right click). She can use the perfume as long as both of them are in the same realm.

(+10 socialite points when perfume is used)


Once the he receives the buff from the perfume, he must find Colonel (NPC) where he must pick the same type of perfume the female had used. He will receive a random gift that he has to give to the female. He is done with this quest after that.

She can now go back to perfumer and pick the correct gift that she received from the male. Female quest ends.

Both players receive XP and Socialite points. An Action Scroll might be received too.


Females: Do not start the quest until you found a male. Male: NEVER pick the perfume type first.


If a character uses all 10 perfume fragrances, it is rewarded with the title Star of Charisma.

This achievement is part of the Star of Freedom Harbor meta-achievement.