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With a steady finger and an even steadier will, the Marksman prefers to take out enemies from a distance. Their incredible range allows them to rain a volley of pain on any unfortunate victim within sight.

In addition to this deadly range, advances in Dwarven technology led them to use of gunpowder. Following a very different type of combat from the Assassin, Marksmen whittle down their opponents from a distance instead of focusing on a single, deadly attack. Their consistent damage over time makes them deadly opponents when left alone.

This class is available for: Dwarves

To see what skills the Marksman can learn, see the Marksman Skill List page.

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To learn about set gears check Marksman's Sets gear page.



Marksmen are ranged damage dealers. It's always good to have one in party during instances or raids so it's not good to underestimate them just for being small. Just like most of the classes they also possess a unique battle system - Soul Bullets. During their attacks or by using designed for that skills they can create soul bullets to increase their damage output in the fight. A Marksman can hold max 20 bullets and can use them any time by activating Crack Shot Time. Their high damage can even steal the aggro from tanker.

Also he poses a useful skill called Hunter Mark that lowers targets defense and allows to get bonus damage or effects from skills on target.


  • Best range of any class
  • High damage and various DoTs effects
  • Multi-target attacks
  • Fast and swift (walking speed buffs)


  • Low defense
  • Few buffs
  • Managing Soul Bullets


  • Fire
  • Earth

Talent Tree

A Marksman's main masteries are Earth and Fire and those elements are responsible for his/her skill damage.


The Precision talent tree allows the Marksman to get the highest damage during fight using various effects on their enemy targets like bleeds or debuffs. Suitable for high and low level player. Precision uses Earth Mastery


The Soul talent tree allows to develop more the Soul Bullet system. Thanks to this tree Marksman can keep constant high damage and almost never will run out of the Soul Bullets. This tree allows a Marksman to get the most out of the soul bullet system.


The Burst talent tree allows the Marksman to develop and empower their AoE attacks, unleashing dangerous fire abilities on their enemies. Burst uses Fire Mastery.