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Fashion items do not give any stats, their only purpose is to grant character unique looks, different from regular armors. Both combat gear and fashion can be worn by a character at the same time - settings in character window allow to choose which one of those will be visible for other players.

For all male sets prices are the same:

  • 160 Eyrda Leaves for head piece
  • 160 Eyrda Leaves for chest piece
  • 80 Eyrda Leaves for bottoms
  • 80 Eyrda Leaves for boots

All parts of these sets are bought separately, so they can be mixed with other fashions, as players wish.


General Male Fashions

Human M Captain.png Dwarf M Captain.png Elf M Captain.png Stoneman M Captain.png Kindred M Captain.png
Captain's set on Human, Dwarf, Elf, Stoneman and Kindred. Set consists of Captain's Hat, Captain's Suit, Captain's Pants and Captain's Boots.

Human M Labyrinth.png Dwarf M Labyrinth.png Elf M Labyrinth.png Stoneman M Labyrinth.png Kindred M Labyrinth.png
Labyrinth set on Human, Dwarf, Elf, Stoneman and Kindred. Set consists of Labyrinth Spectacles, Labyrinth Tunic, Labyrinth Trousers and Labyrinth Boots.

File:Human M Gambit.png File:Dwarf M Gambit.png Elf M Gambit.png File:Stoneman M Gambit.png Kindred M Gambit.png
Gambit set on Human, Dwarf, Elf, Stoneman and Kindred. Set consists of Gambit Deads, Gambit Tunic, Gambit Trousers and Gambit Boots.

File:Human M Governor.png File:Dwarf M Governor.png Elf M Governor.png File:Stoneman M Governor.png Kindred M Governor.png
Governor set on Human, Dwarf, Elf, Stoneman and Kindred. Set consists of Governor Cut, Governor Jacket, Governor Pants and Governor Boots.

Racial Male Fashions

Human Fashions

Human M RoCKing.png Human M Royal.png
RocKing set, consist of RocKing Glasses, RocKing Jacket, RocKing Pants and RocKing Flares. Royal set, consist of Royal Crown, Royal Attire, Royal Tights and Royal Shoes.

Dwarf Fashions

Dwarf M Bruiser.png Dwarf M King.png
Bruiser set, consist of Bruiser Shades, Bruiser Jacket, Bruiser Jeans and Bruiser Boots. King's set, consist of King's Crown, King's Attire, King's Trousers and King's Shoes.

Elf Fashions

Elf M RZU.png Elf M Masque.png
R.Z.U. set, consist of R.Z.U. Patch, R.Z.U. Coat, R.Z.U. Leather and R.Z.U. Boots. Masque set, consist of Masquerade, Masque Coat, Masque Leggings and Masque Footwear.

Stoneman Fashions

Stoneman M Hazard.png Stoneman M Slaughter.png
Hazard set, consist of Hazard Mask, Hazard Jacket, Hazard Jeans and Hazard Boots. Slaughter set, consist of Slaughter Helm, Slaughter Coat, Slaughter Cuisse and Slaughter Boots.

Kindred Fashions

Kindred M Death.png Kindred M Shadow.png
Death's set, consist of Death Coils, Death's Skin, Death Chaps and Death Spikes. Shadow set, consist of Shadow's Truths, Shadow Suit, Shadow Leggings and Shadow Boots.