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A mage has eldritch control over the elements that permeate this world. Their force of will allows them to materialize the various elements into devastating spells.

During the golden age of magic, a city known as Pisuix was built. This city became the center of all magic lore and knowledge. From within its hallowed walls, the Magic King, Chald Pisuix, taught many gifted students how to become powerful Mages. Beautiful and unearthly magic decorated the sky of Eyrda with its majestic and undeniable power. Those days are long gone now, and the knowledge of magic is fading. Today, the remaining Mages keep this knowledge alive. Those who would oppose a Mage will have to contend with the destructive power of the earthly elements.

This class is available for: Humans, Kindred

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Mages are well loved for their display of magical abilities in a variety of gameplay. Mages are the main ranged class of the game and covert having a high mana pool in order to continue their onslaught of magical attacks and curses.


  • Lots of AoE attacks
  • Good damage
  • Most MP


  • Low defense
  • Low health
  • Needs to group up enemies for AoE attacks
  • Only 1 useful group buff


  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind

Talent Trees

Mages can improve their abilities as AoE damage dealer, enemy group controller or single target damage through talents.


Fire mages are a massive help when it comes to both AoE attacks and single target attacks, they help to bring down their enemies with a variety of debuffs on their foes. They also get the most out of trading in their mana for damage.


Lighting mages enjoy striking their enemies with several AoE attacks and binding helpless foes in place. They are a great asset in any group, especially destroying groups of enemies in dungeons.


Frost mages revel in slowly destroying their enemies from afar without them moving at all, they are an incredible asset in cursing their enemies and freezing them in place.