Lunagrant Woodland

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Separated with a barrier from rest of Oyste during the Storm Legion's attack, residents of Lunagrant could only watch safe - but unable to help - from depths of their forest. Now the Great Tree Spirit Cassarew opens up the borders of his mystic domain once again, wishing to help in the upcoming Storm.

Humans were once outcasted from this land for constant warring - yet now they're granted entrance once again. To prove they're worthy of Great Tree Spirit's trust.

Access to Lunagrant is granted to all characters when gaining level 40. It's situated on the coast, north from Kalaires Plain - connected with a passage to Gloomy Forest.

Safety Zones

  • Great Tree Spirit Platform
  • Bramble Camp
  • Archipelago Cape Trackstone area


  • Great Tree Spirit
  • Arena of Souls
  • Bramble Camp
  • Archipelago Cape

Crafting Resources


Agrimony, Violet Rose, Windsong Mum, Rosemary, Golden Lily


Copper Ore, Red Quicksilver Ore, Tin Ore