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Kalaires Plains is located on the eastern coast of Oeste and will be the first area visited by players after graduating from the starting zones. The central city of the Lionhearts, Freedom Harbor, is also located here, making it the most visited area for players until the highest levels.


Safety Zones


  • Freedom Harbor - One of the 2 beacons of lights in Oeste, Freedom Harbor is a main city.
  • Fossicker's Plain - A humble grassland west of the harbor, it is the center of Kalaires. Pocket camps of Ratkin are found here.
  • Windward Cloister - The cloister hosts a runway encampment commissioned by Morin.
  • Ironclaw Woods - A forest of large, ancient trees that break off crisp, autumn leaves. Home to an array of fauna.
  • Chiffon Villa - A once beautiful home, it is now accompanied by Gardine's lackeys and host of the Mercury Summit event.
  • Lake of Clemency - The lake of clemency was blessed to nurture the wounds of good-hearted people that bathed in its waters, small crabs now swim in it's weeds.
  • Path of Buried Bones - Is a desolate plain that houses Pale Riders and Demonic hounds, it is also prodding with the bones of large beasts.
  • Lifestream Monastery - A temple built on the large plateau of mountains in southern Kalaires, it's members keep prisoners of Storm Legion soldiers.
  • Bloodclaw Encampment - The camp that houses the Bloodclaw Werewolf clan, their master the fearsome Bloodclaw Howler hides away here.
  • Bonespear Encampment - The lair of the hobgoblins inhabiting Kalaires. The Hobgoblin Warlord commands them.
  • Valley of Whispers - The valley is a spread of land directly south of the harbor, it is inhabited by the Fishkin and their chief the Fishkin Sage.
  • Eventide Cemetary - A dark cemetery that is ruled by vampires and the Vampire Baron. Angeric directs adventurers from an old house.
  • Goddess's Hand - A pile of ancient buildings near the ocean of Kalaires, the entrance to Aeon Spire is here.
  • Rainbow Island - the rainbow island is where the Nightmare Carnival is set up, the isle just near it homes several earth elementals and an old monument.
  • Nightmare Carnival - A carnival of fun, fear and excitement, players can access both the normal and advanced carnival instances as well as buy token prizes.
  • Unplowed Grounds - The mountainous plains north of Freedom Harbor, players can find Nieven the fishing tutor along the sea shore.
  • Rose Castle Ruins - The old ruins to a once beautiful palace, it is now under command by Storm Legion's magical mooks, who work blood rune circles inside.
  • Fort Rotulor - The glorious fortress once belonged to a prestige family, it is now infested with Dagmara vampires. Access to the Fort Rotulor instance is here.
  • Twilight Town - A quiet town nestled in the mountains, it is currently under siege from the Lancet.
  • Windcry Farm - A farm that is under attack from the undead, the buildings here are burning.
  • Sundown Heights - A scaling pathway into the mountains, a faction known as the Lenasha Peacekeepers can be found here.
  • Den of the Eyeless - A cavern in the corner of Kalaires that is infested with Demono Bats. Their matriarch is also found here.
  • Ruins of Glory - Old ruins that over look most of Kalaires Plain, only those with permission by the Lenasha are allowed to enter.


Freedom Harbor

  • Blossom Boulevard [1]
  • Angeal Temple [1]
  • Freedom Harbor Dock [1]

Kalaires Plain

  • Fossicker's Plain [10]
  • Lifestream Monastery [10]
  • Eventide Cemetery [15]
  • Twilight Town [15]
  • Rainbow Island [15]
  • Sundown Heights [60]


Elite monsters in this area only drop Obsidian Shards (needed for level 10-15 armor sets from Fleet of Myth Exchangers) and Alchemy materials such as Bone Ash and Undead Essence.

These monsters are found in the same areas as their non-elite kind. Most have 2 different spawnspots close to one another.

  • Level 10 : Elite Ratkin Overseer, Elite Ratkin Exploiter;
  • Level 11 : Elite Violent Wolf, Elite Cavern Bear;
  • Level 12 : Elite Werewolf, Elite Hobgoblin Combatant;
  • Level 13 : Elite Hobgoblin Warrior, Elite Hobgoblin Enchanter;
  • Level 14 : Elite Lancet Spy, Elite Crab Diver;
  • Level 15 : Elite Pale Hunter, Elite Jackal;
  • Level 16 : Elite Lancet Assassin;
  • Level 17 : Elite Bloodclaw Werewolf, Elite Vampire;
  • Level 18 : Elite Little Crab, Elite Fishkin Surfer, Elite Fishkin Glider, Elite Soulweb Biter;
  • Level 19 : Elite Skeleton Warrior, Elite Skeleton Mage, Elite Lancet Bandit;

World Bosses

Killing these complete Demon Hunt Achievement set (Accessible under Legends (L) > Legend > Individual Growth > Lv20!).

Crafting Resources

Wild Rose, Lavender, Violet Kelp

White Fish, Cod, Oyster, Seaweed, Spearfish