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Instances are party 'events' that offer a variety of items and higher experience gain. Instances can also be required for a quest.



List of Instances
Gear Instance Event Instance PvP Instance
Fort Rotulor God's Trial Arena 3v3
Emperor's Canyon Gods' Trial II Arena 6v6
Lost Lighthouse Nightmare Carnival Frostgale Fjord
Arena of Souls Advanced Nightmare Carnival
Welkin Castle Fort Khoaway
Outer Ancestral Catacomb Creekbank Valley
Ancestral Catacomb Creekbank Valley: Immortal Pool
The Forgotten Prison Glistening Lowland
Aeon Spire LCS Daybreaker
Tomb of Kings Tomb of Glory
Gauntlet of Storms Wraith Castle
Tenebra Mines Wraith Castle: 2nd Floor
Water Prison
Chamber of Wind
Hall of Aspen
Shrine of Light
Wade's Fishing Hole
Ghostfang Castle
Defend Dusk Town
Hell Road
War of the Ancients
Sanctuary Ruins

Entering an Instance

There are two ways to get into an instance of your choice.

  • The first and easiest way being, is to press the hotkey "T", click on the instance you wish to join, and apply (orange buttons at the bottom of the window).
    By applying, you are applying yourself (or your party if you're in one) for the chosen instance, basically putting yourself on a world list to enter the instance with whoever signed up to go as well.
    • This is recommended especially if you are by yourself and don't have a party of your own.
  • The second way is to have your own party, meet the corresponding NPC that holds the entrance to your instance.
    • For this method, you need AT LEAST 3+ people in your party to enter the instance manually.

Gear / Experience Instance

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Extra Quests in Instance

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A list of questions you might possibly have concerning instances.

  • Question: Why am I on a different realm?
    • Answer: If you used the auto-party to get into an instance, all members from different realms will automatically be transferred over to the Party Leader's realm.
  • Question: Why do I have random 'stuff' in my inventory?
    • Answer: Most of the time, the party leader has not set the party distribution settings. The main setting a party is on is random distribution, meaning that if you see something on the floor and you pick it up, it automatically is given to someone in your party at random. Although, random means that even you can get the item you went to pick up.
  • Question: Why does the NPC keep disappearing and reappearing?
    • Answer: In some instances, (i.e., Fort Rotulor) there are NPCs that give you extra quests for an extra amount of experience and money after your instance is over. They are not always there, so if you see one take the quest! Just REMEMBER, turn the quest in BEFORE you exit the instance.