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Seven lives, seven stories - a perfect Heptameron.

Heptameron is a weekly event picked up at Niachilo in Dawning Hope Library (56 52, 0 -39). He's up the stairs at the southern part of it, can be found (and auto-pathed to) from Map search.

Reward for picking up this quest is a Lionheart Scroll and Experience. After finishing one of 7 stories, you may rarely receive one of additional rewards: 5x World Flute.


There are seven Books of the Heptameron, each telling a different story, and starting a different quest. To find out which one's the target of journey you need to check the description of the book in your bag, and then find the Freedom Harbor citizen that was mentioned in the information there.

The seven books areas follows:

  • Amethyst Soul quest starter NPC is Nicole (on a balcony behind Angeal Temple 55 57, 1 41)
  • Crystal Crypt quest starter NPC is Nieven (near to the north exit of Freedom Harbor, Kalaires Plain 57 9, 2 59)
  • Eros' Tear quest starter NPC is Ms Stinger (in Ninth District 57 58, 0 18)
  • Gold Curse quest starter NPC is Lydia (Angeal Temple 55 39, 0 53)
  • Innocence quest starter NPC is Herry (Ninth District 58 14, 0 9)
  • Moonlight quest starter NPC is Nicolas (Craftsman Fair 57 42, -1 -22)
  • Pharaoh's Staff quest starter NPC is Daniel (Magic Fountain 56 28, -1 -55)

Note: All the NPCs can be located through Map Search.


These quests consist mostly of reading the stories, to apropriate NPC or finding out more about some of the stories told by Heptameron.

As such, quest progress from this point on is running between NPCs and talking (even if the person sends you with a task of "buying" something, it's completed by talking to target NPC). All the required NPC can be found in Quest Log along with links to their location. Finishing a Heptameron task shouldn't pose any trouble.