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The main Gods








Dyos and Nyos are the two original gods. Dyos is the god of brightness and creation, while Nyos is the god of darkness and destruction. When Dyos creates a new world, millions of years later, Nyos will destroy it. Because of this, the two often fight against each other through their servants.

Brief History

Dyos created our world, and Nyos is trying to destroy it through Dysil and the Storm Legion. The Great Tree, known to us as Antus, existed long before the world of Eyrda came to be. It even came before the two original gods, Dyos and Nyos, appeared. On the crown of the Great Tree Antus, lies the Wheel of the Heavens. The Wheel of the Heavens was once covered in darkness, but after many years had passed, two constellations appeared, Dyos and Nyos, these were followed by others; each one representing a different god or goddess. When that particular deity dies, or falls from grace, the constellation representing him or her fades away. Dyos and Nyos discovered the truth about the Great Tree and the Wheel of the Heavens. They traveled every universe looking for them, hoping to see their fate inscribed upon the Wheel of the Heavens. Only Dyos was successful in this endeavor.

Dyos left his children, Vyda, Tytan, and Illyfue, to continue his journey though the universe. Nyos later found the world of Eyrda, and left her child, Mylvada, to destroy everything he came across.

Mylvada constantly battled with the children of Dyos for control of Eyrda. Frustrated with his failed attempts, Mylvada decided to launch an attack to destroy Eyrda once and for all.

The First Nino War

The First Nino War began when Mylvada attempted to use all of the power Nyos had granted him. Fierce battles broke out in Norte, the continent in the north. The titanic clashes caused Norte to crack and splinter, eventually sinking it into the sea. All the mortal creatures that lived on Norte fled from the Gods' battles and made their way to Cintura. At last, Mylvada was defeated and he retreated from Eyrda. Thus, the First Nino War ended

The Second Nino War

1500 years after his defeat in the First Nino War, Mylvada created Dysil, who deceived Vyda and Illyfue, causing them to argue with each other. They squabbled without end, so much so that Tytan tried to intervene. But Tytan failed to persuade them, so he returned to his mountains. There, he forged Tytan's Hammer in the depths of Molten Mountain. Vyda and Illyfue were badly hurt as a result of their fighting. When they finally stopped to rest, Mylvada leapt into action and invaded Eyrda again. Vyda and Illyfue were too weak to resist Mylvada and were about to be destroyed. Suddenly, Tytan appeared again, and used his mighty hammer to turn away Mylvada's killing blow. Vyda and Illyfue put aside their argument and, with Tytan leading them, drove off Mylvada again. Thus ended the Second Nino War.

The Second War of the Gods

The Second War of the Gods caused a fissure in the wall between space and time. Through it, Mylvada was able to invade Eyrda again, this time bringing armies of powerful demi-gods with him. This time, the demi-god Shylia stood up to resist the invasion using three powerful relics left by the gods. Assisted by the Elves, Dwarves, and Stonemen of Cintura, She bore the brunt of Mylvada's initial surge. The three Gods of Light came to Eyrda under Vyda's command to join together with Shylia's forces. The two armies fought fiercely in the skies over Cintura. The intense fighting rocked the land, causing more than half of Cintura to be blasted to pieces. Shylia's forces eventually won the war. Mylvada, defeated and badly hurt, fled from Eyrda once more. Shylia and her relics had disappeared and most of the demi-gods from both sides had fallen, their power scattered across the land.Those who were not destroyed were so badly hurt they were forced to stay on Eyrda to heal

Mother of the Kindred

The "mother" of the Kindred is the demigoddess Shylia. She was created by Vyda in a competition orchestrated by Dysil to make the gods fight amongst each other. When Vyda created Shylia, she imbued her new demigoddess with some of her own Life Essence. Tytan created the mighty Tytan's Hammer, and Illyfue created a necklace that she called "Light of Nature". After the conclusion of The second Nino War, Shylia fell in love with a Human noble named Corvus. Shylia was an immortal demigoddess, while Corvus was an ordinary Human. In order to live with Corvus forever, Shylia used the same process that Vyda used to create her. She imbued some of her Life Essence into Corvus' body, granting him eternal life as well. Thus, Corvus was reborn as the first Kindred.

Morkarish's Prophecy

Shortly after the conclusion of the Second War of the Gods, a mysterious man named Morkarish appeared on Oeste, claiming to be a prophet. Morkarish recorded his many predictions throughout his life. The one that stands out the most is about a destructive war that will swallow the entire continent of Oeste in darkness. It continues to say that chaos and the servants of the dark gods will replace the order and rule of law of this land. Most people did not take this prediction seriously, so it was only recorded by the most astute of scribes.

Tree of the World

Great Tree, Antus, is the oldest living thing on Eyrda. It is wise beyond comparison, but because of its advanced age, it doesn't pay attention our day-to-day struggles. Some call it the Tree of Fate, others, the Tree of the World. Sitting atop Antus is the mysterious Wheel of the Heavens, which Dyos named Krishnama. It covers the entire sky with the thousands of pinpricks of light. These constellations move slowly as the Wheel of the Heavens turns

The Origin of Cassarew

Dyos found the Great Tree, Antus, though he could not decipher the secret of the Wheel of the Heavens. He could feel an ancient power coursing through the tree, so he found a fallen branch from the tree and took it. After Dyos created Vyda, he dripped some of his blood on the branch. He named it Cassarew, and intended to be a relic for Vyda. After Dyos left, Vyda inserted this branch into the soil. As soon the branch touched the earth, it took root and grew into a giant tree. Since it originated from the Great Tree Antus, Cassarew inherited some of Antus' knowledge, and can even decipher parts of the Wheel of Heaven.

Dysil Revival

Dysil fomented kind Ninoes, and caused the 2nd Nino War. He was killed in this war, but was revived by Mylvada, and confered Evil Dragon's body. Dysil left in smashed Cintura, built his own force. Then Dysil named himself Storm Lord, his force is Storm Legion.

Dark Days Of Oeste

The years between 535 and 545 are known as the "Dark Days of Oeste". During this decade, the people of Oeste suffered through a war with the Storm Legion, Khoaway Harbor was destroyed, Gloomy Forest was polluted, and Welkin Castle was occupied. This period ended when the legendary human hero Raisinger Aepelio led a force of his allies to defeat Dysil. Order was restored to the land of Oeste, but Raisinger lost his life in the final battle against Dysil. In the 15 years since Freedom Harbor was founded, peace has reigned throughout Oeste, but only for so long as Dysil's forces can be kept at bay.