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Welcome to Game Updates!

Please check out all the awesome updates below. If you find any issues please post them in the Bug Report Forum.


Update Notes

Below Are the full Update Notes and Bug Fixes for Forsaken World Game Updates and Expansions!

Most Recent Patch Notes

Version 0.287.0 Patch Notes

  • Flying Mount animations have been fixed! If you are still seeing any issues with your flying mount animations, please post your findings in the bug report forum at
  • The Shinobi Fukumen fashion (Head slot) was displaying some graphic issues on Male Elves. This has been fixed.
  • The Lv77 Warrior Reputation and Arena gear now have unique color palettes.
  • Thunder, Nightfall, and Gargoyle Orbs have had their descriptions restored.
  • Minor Localization changes

Version 0.283.0 Patch Notes

  • Corrected an issue with Male Kindred Flair. One of the flair options had been inadvertently changed, the altered flair has been restored to the correct appearance.
  • Corrected an issue with Male Kindred Flair. One of the flair options had been inadvertently changed, the altered flair has been restored to the correct appearance.
  • Daily Guild Quest for Frostgale Fjord is no longer in Chinese.
  • Corrected an issue with the Sorceress Leggings on Female Elf characters.
  • Galo and Mbango pets now bind to their owner appropriately.
  • Island/Beach Fashion will now grant titles and are available for upgrading. This fix only applies to new purchases. Owners of the set prior to this patch should contact Customer Support to receive a replacement set.
  • Outlaw/Calamity Fashion will now grant titles and are available for upgrading. This fix only applies to new purchases. Owners of the set prior to this patch should contact Customer Support to receive a replacement set.
  • Corrected the issue where the Samba/Carnival Fashion sets were granting the incorrect titles.

Nightfall: Frostgale Fjord

Frostgale Fjord:

  • New 12v12 Battleground located in the far north of Oeste.
  • Enter the Battlefield by queuing in the party finder between noon and midnight every day. Individual apply only, groups will be dissolved upon entering the Battlefield.
  • Matchmaking is randomly determined and based on character Level. All characters at or above Lv40 are eligible to play the Battlefield. Only the first 10 matches in a day will count for points.
  • Matches last 25 minutes, or until one team reaches 3600 points.
  • All participants will receive Battleground points, players on the winning team will gain more points. Daily quests within the battleground will grant extra points. Wins and participation will also grant a chance at a White Rune or a rare mount.

Expanded Soul Power Trees:

  • Additional Soul Power skills are enabled that affect PvP and Soulforce skills. Unlocking these skills will enable White Rune slots.


  • Guild Treasure can now be unlocked in the base! Complete Guild Base Quests to unlock the Treasure chest and gain access.
  • New Guild Base quests have been added that do not require leaving the base. These quests also have a chance to grant access to the Guild Treasure chest once it has been unlocked.
  • Continue doing Base Quests every day to level up your Guild Treasure for better rewards! The chest is reset every week so you will need to stay active to continue to get the benefits of Guild Treasure.
  • Rewards from the Guild Treasure Chest include Soul Coins and a chance at Gem Light potions and various Level Gems.

Gear Upgrades:

  • Fashion Upgrading is now available at Armorers to add stats to all fashion pieces.
  • Inferno Shadow Gear: Talk to Arwen Starlight in Twilight Hall with a Lv75 Hero Weapon equipped to start the quest Glimmer of Hope. At the end of the quest unlock a powerful new Lv77 weapon.


  • New Charlie's Tavern Quests in Nightfall Citadel. Find out how the building of the new tavern is going with a new quest line, finally get some answers about the mysterious pole in the corner of the tavern.

New Items:

  • Golden Fleece, available in the Eyrda Boutique will allow you to upgrade fashion to be identifiable at Gabriel in Freedom Harbor. This is a new feature so not all fashion sets can currently been upgraded, check the Known Issues list for the fashion that will be added soon!
  • The long awaited (by CuteNDeadly at least) Devil Acolyte and Phantom Shroud sets are now the new orbs. Check the Eyrda Boutique to rock the latest styles, pets, and mounts.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Pets are now easier to heal. AoE heals will now include pets, and a bone icon appears under party member's portraits to quickly target their pet.Pets can also now be healed with potions when they are hungry and cannot be summoned.
  • If a player sets a durability limit for the Combat Assist, they will automatically town portal when their gear hits the selected durability.
  • Mining Truck in Immortal Rift is now faster.
  • Soulforce Skills now have a 30second Cooldown in PvP. Some of the new Nyos/Dyos Soul Power skills and runes will make Soulforce more useful in PvP.
  • The following Guide Quests now have a 1 time Soul Leaf reward. You will automatically gain the Soul Leaves for previously completed Guide Quests upon logging in:

Life in the Harbor
Nightmare Carnival
Gods' Trial
Learn to Fly
Guide: Introductions
How to Succeed in Business
Guide: Pet's Journeys
Guide: Born for Competition
The King's Quest
War of Ghostfang Castle
Orders from the Capital
Figaro's Revenge
Breaking the Limits

  • Mercury Revelations will now drop one mercury coupon and 5 gold instead of 6 mercury coupons.
  • New Bounties are available through the Master and Apprentice menu. Higher level Bounties will become available after gaining more dedication.
  • Masters now gain Bounty Glory for helping apprentices with Dangerous Bounties. Bounty Glory can be exchanged for Advanced Runes.
  • Embedding, Removing, and Combining Gem functions have been moved to Jane Morningstar who stands next to Gabriel.
  • A new game.exe has been included in the update to try to fix the Loading Screen Crash. If you still experience the Loading Screen crash (with the accompanying message to verify), please post your DxDiag and Crash Logs in the Technical Support section of the Forums.
  • Life in the Jungle quests will now correctly add to your odyssey count on completion, not abandonment.
  • Lantern Spirit no longer shrinks after completing its animation.
  • Protectors with the "Protection Mastery" Talent will no longer receive a magical invisible buff on login.
  • Fixed various map issues including the blank Gloomy Forest Map and Chinese on the Sleeping Jungle Map.
  • Corrected an issue with Male Kindred Flair. One of the flair options had been inadvertently changed, the altered flair has been restored to the correct appearance.
  • Corrected an issue with Male Kindred Flair. One of the flair options had been inadvertently changed, the altered flair has been restored to the correct appearance.
  • Daily Guild Quest for Frostgale Fjord is no longer in Chinese.
  • Corrected an issue with the Sorceress Leggings on Female Elf characters.
  • Galo and Mbango pets now bind to their owner appropriately.
  • Island/Beach Fashion will now grant titles and are available for upgrading. This fix only applies to new purchases. Owners of the set prior to this patch should contact Customer Support to receive a replacement set.
  • Outlaw/Calamity Fashion will now grant titles and are available for upgrading. This fix only applies to new purchases. Owners of the set prior to this patch should contact Customer Support to receive a replacement set.
  • Corrected the issue where the Samba/Carnival Fashion sets were granting the incorrect titles.

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New Maps:
Nightfall Citadel and Aepelio

  • Travel to the lost kingdom of Aepelio by visiting any teleporter. This map is most useful to characters between Lv60 and 80, but anyone can visit and take in the sights.
  • Explore Nightfall Citadel to see many of your old friends from Freedom Harbor in their new Shops, including a brand new Tavern for Charlie.
  • The untamed lands of Aepelio are still shattered from the wars that raged through the kingdom. Killing the monsters outside the Citadel will give you greater Soul Power rewards, as well as the chance to drop special items.
  • All maps are now available to any level player. Levels listed are the recommended levels for those zones.

Quests and Events:

  • A new batch of Daily quests are available in Nightfall Citadel. Check the Daily Event tab for details of the new Quests: Run Boy, Run, Nightfall Secrets, and Watch Rotation. All three quests will give Nightfall Reputation and a chance at Soul Power.
  • Speak to Claudius Aepelio Daily to receive a new quest to unlock the Treasury. Fabulous rewards can be gained after unsealing a treasury card.
  • New Kill Quests: Available from Melinda in Nightfall Citadel. These can be purchased for a wide variety of level ranges and with give EXP and, later, Soul Power rewards.
  • Exp Transfer for High Level mentors: At Level 70 and above visit the Airship in Nightfall Citadel to purchase an Ancient Box for mentor points. Unlock the box with Exp to receive a Holyspirit Sutra which can be used by characters up to Lv69 for large amounts of Exp.

Soul Power:
Dyos' Virtue or Nyos' Vice

  • Choose the path of the gods through a new Main Quest for Lv60+ players starting at Ferrie in Freedom Harbor. This quest will take you through the new maps and introduce the system.
  • Soul Power is gained by killing monsters Lv60+, with bonus amounts from the monsters scattered around Aepelio and inside instances.
  • Runes drop from Lv60+ mobs. These can be used to power up specific talents. Combine Runes at Josselyn in Nightfall Citadel. Make sure to try out all the combinations, choosing the right runes can mean the difference between vanquishing your foes or waiting for that resurrection.

Flying Mounts:

  • Accept the Quest Taking Flight from Flying Tutor Nadine in Freedom Harbor to unlock the ability to fly.
  • Flying mounts are available from Nadine or the Eyrda Boutique. Keep an eye out for other hidden ways to get a special flying mount.
  • There are two speeds of flying. Cruising costs Mana, and Accelerating costs Flying Energy. Press E to switch quickly between the two flying modes.
  • Flying is leveled simply by being on your flying mount. Every minute you will Gain 1 point of Flying Exp.
  • Flying Mounts can have their Primary and Secondary Colors Dyed to make them stand out even more. This is available at Nadine, or the Flying Tutor in Nightfall Citadel.
  • Several Flying Daily quests can be found around the main cities. Keep trying them to win random dyes for your mounts and Sky Emblems needed to raise your flying level.
  • Don't be afraid to explore! There are new flying bosses on most maps to provide an extra challenge to taking to the skies.

New Instances

  • New Gear Instance: Tomb of Kings. This instance is for players Lv75+. The entrance can be found at Ramses Desollar just outside of Nightfall Citadel. Test yourself against the traps within the tomb to steal Akena Desollar's lost treasure!
  • New Instance: Ghostfang Castle. This instance is for players Lv60+, the party Leader must have at least 60 weekly dedication. Defeat the Insane Baron of the Castle to gain Runes and extra Soul Power to level your Virtue/Vice!
  • New Random Instance: Wade's Fishin' Hole. This instance is for players Lv60+. It will appear randomly at one of 3 locations, keep an eye out in world chat for Wade's announcement. Once inside, defeat waves of enemies for gear refining items.
  • New Random Instance: Defend Dusk Town! This instance is for Lv60+ players. Enter from a Random location every hour to fight to reclaim Dusk Town from invading monsters. Use scrolls to summon the final boss for a chance at more Runes and Soul Power. Rumor has it one of the bosses might have a flying mount!


  • Immortal Rift is now a Territory Wars system. While the method of battling will be the same, Guilds can now take and defend different regions of Eyrda.
  • Sign up for Territory Wars at Leonidas at the same time as Immortal Rift Bidding used to be.
  • Rewards are based on the power of your chosen Deity, so don't be afraid to help out guilds that are on your side!
  • Each zone you enter will display the name of the Guild that controls it. Will your guild be the first to dominate Eyrda?
  • New Guild Base Collection Event: Astral Shine. Travel to other bases to collect meteorites, but make sure to also protect your own! This even occurs every Sunday at 3pm, Rewards are calculated after 15 minutes, so be quick. Not available until Storm Era.

New Arena Season:

  • The new Arena system starts on April 3rd! All current points can be used until then, and afterwards at special vendors.
  • Rankings and current season points will be reset so everyone has a chance to gain the coveted new arena gear!
  • A new Arena Gear dealer can be found in Nightfall Citadel once the new season has started.

Mastery and Resistance Reset:

  • Choose Reset Mastery and Resistance at your Skill Trainer in Freedom Harbor and place the Book of Masteries in the Interface. The Book of Masteries can be found in the Eyrda Boutique.
  • Mastery and Resistance will be converted into a spendable point value. You will be able to spend these points instead of Gold and Energy.
  • Surpassed Mastery and Resistance Gates will not be reset.

Gear Reforging:

  • Using items dropped by Lv60+ monsters, you can add a percent increase to the primary stats of any piece of gear that is marked: Able to be Reforged.


  • Open the Odyssey Tab of the Shylia Market to see your progress. Completion of certain events will result in prize packs containing some great rewards.
  • Odyssey's can be completed in any order or any time you choose and will not be reset.

Era Changes:

  • New Era's can be seen by hovering over the prayer button in the top center of the screen.
  • Pray frequently to unlock the new Eras for even better personal and server-wide rewards.

Help Interface+Leveling Guide:

  • The Help Interface has been renovated. Clicking on any of the buttons will lead you to a page with more information than we could fit before. This UI also gives you access to the Encyclopedia.
  • The Interface is now broken down into a handy leveling guide aimed at giving you the best information for your specific level.

New Items:

  • Book of Masteries: This item can be purchased from the Eyrda Boutique. It is used at your class trainer to convert your Mastery and Resistance into spendable Training Points.
  • Flying Mounts: These can be found all over Eyrda, or in the Boutique. Accept the quest Taking Flight from Flying Tutor Nadine in Freedom Harbor to unlock the ability to fly.
  • Essence of Flight: An item available from the Flying Tutors or the Eyrda Boutique, it can be consumed to regain Flying Energy points which allow you to Accelerate on your Flying Mount.
  • Reforging Items: These items are dropped by Lv60+ monsters. They can be used at any Armorer or Blacksmith to Reforge appropriate gear. Reforging will enhance the primary stats of your gear by a percentage.
  • Runes: These items are dropped by level 60+ mobs. Combine them at Josselyn in Nightfall Citadel for even more power, and more specific Runes. Runes contain the power to advance one of 3 colored Rune tracks, and some will enhance specific talents.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Now Able to Send 2 pets on Journeys at once. Click the button on the Journey UI to expand Journey slots.
  • All mobs have had their Health and Mana reduced, to facilitate gaining Soul Power and Runes.
  • Scrolling now changes Pages in the Eyrda Boutique.
  • Players can now set an option to have moving break spell casting as well as Esc or the interrupt casting skill.
  • Low level Life in the Harbor quests will now grant higher soul gold rewards.
  • Run Girl Run grants more Refine items.
  • Fortification cost of Shard gear is reduced by 50%.
  • Vanessa sells some Lv77 purple Gear for Mentor Points.
  • EXP Aid costs reduced. Changed the Soul Coins instead of Gold Coins to transfer Gods' Trial runs into Exp Aid.
  • More Guild Bases will be up for auction.
  • More Visual Optimization options added to allow players to improve their performance.
  • Soul Coin cost of Fortification reduced.
  • Two new Pet Journeys added to gain Soul Power.
  • Gems now stack!!! Other Daily Consumables have had their stack sized increased.
  • Mana potion prices reduced at the Remedy Dealers.
  • World Elites now drop more Soul Coins.
  • Increased loot drops by all world monsters.
  • Teleportation Crystal and Mailbox added to the Advanced Training Grounds.
  • Pets now have a "Strength Level" to more easily distinguish pet values.
  • Time to gather Cryolite in Guild Battles is reduced.
  • Total Devotion extended to 190 days.
  • Rewards for the Sea of Oblivion Main Quest are increased.
  • Can purchase Storm Gems and Shards with Champion Hero Reputation.
  • Energy Cost for Bounty Quests removed, and they now grant more Exp and can be done up to 15 times/day.
  • Encyclopedia has received many fixes. It should be significantly easier to navigate and read now.

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Storms of War

  • New Shop: Shylia Market. This store has items for everyone. Press H and click the button labeled "Shylia Market" to access the rewards for leveling. This system is retroactive, so you won't miss out on anything. Spend some time going through the other tabs to see what kinds of rewards await you.
  • Dedication: Gain Dedication by taking part in Daily and Weekly Events, spend these points in the Shylia Market for great rewards.
  • Devotion: Showing your Devotion to the gods is as easy as logging in every day. Hover your mouse over the Prayer Button at the top of your screen. The Interface now reports how many days you have logged in in a row, and how many days you logged in total. Clicking either of these numbers will take you to the appropriate place in the Shylia Market to turn your devotion into goods.
  • Gem Reforging: After 3 days of Consecutive Logins, you will be able to Reforge any Lv1 Gem at Christer in Freedom Harbor. Simply accept the 3rd day reward in the Shylia Market to get one Reforge. Give Christer any Lv1 Gem and he will attempt to Reforge it into a different Gem.
  • VIP: A special card found in the Eyrda Boutique, it gives you access to the VIP section of the Shylia Market as well as giving you several other special benefits, including guaranteeing a different Gem from your Reforging, and increasing your chances to gain the gods' favor when you pray. Make sure to check out the "Pets" section of the Shylia Market VIP tab for an on-the-go pet store.
  • Recruit: Low Level players can issue Recruit Calls, found in the Shylia Market and from Amelia in the City Square to gain the help of higher level players. It's not all Charity, of course. The Veterans will receive Glory for aiding others which can be spent along with Mentor Points in the Shylia Market.
  • Deferred Turn-ins: No longer are you held hostage by your dailies! If you pick up Life in the Harbor, but are unable to reach the 10th quest, you will be able to continue the next day and collect the full rewards for 2 days. You can receive up to 3 Max rewards in a day. This system also applies to World Luck quests if you are unable to do them on any day, simply pick them up and do those plus your next day's quest all in one.
  • Mastery: Upgrading items are now easier to get. Spend your Advanced Training time practicing your skills in the various elements by purchasing the appropriate tome from the new Training Master in your Faction's Advanced Training Ground.
  • Pets: should never feel left out with an all new Pet Trainer inside the Advanced Training grounds.
  • Titles: have been added for equipping a new set of Fashion. Put on the entire set, then show it to Goethe Scheele to get a title to match!
  • Monster HP: has been reduced in the following low-mid level zones: Race Starter Zones, Kalaires, Sea of Oblivion, Lunagrant Woodland
  • Achievements: added to the Arena and the Training Grounds.


  • New Special Quests that start in Sleeping Jungle to advance the Story line.
  • New Daily Quests for Weapon and Armorsmithing.


  • Hall of Aspen and Shrine of Light will only grant Soul Chalices for completing a Guild Affair Quest.
  • Added a 00:30-1:30 Gods' Trial slot, Mentored characters can now gain experience from the crystals 30 times each.
  • HP of mobs has been reduced in the 20-40 bracket of Gods' Trial. Mobs will now be killed with a single Soulforce Skill of the appropriate level.
  • A new, optional quest can now spawn at the End of Gods' trial. Look for the Trial Spectre near the exit crystal to help him stop some thieves who are abusing the gods' good will.
  • EXP for Nightmare Carnival Quests has increased.
  • The Aeon Spire Enter this stronghold of the Storm Legion in southeast Kalaires and unravel the secrets of Khnum's hold over Eyrda.
  • Gauntlet of Storms Defeat the 4 bosses inside this challenging dungeon up to 100 times/week for special drops that allow you to purchase and upgrade to the elite Champion's gear! The entrance can be found near the Magic Fountain in Freedom Harbor.
  • Advanced Pet Combining: For the lucky adventurer who is able to capture two of the bosses from the Gauntlet of Storms, Wind Dancer in Alameda Park has developed a new combining method. Will you be the first to control the epic Mage Guard?

New Arena times:

  • Monday: 14:30-15:30, 20:00-21:30
  • Wednesday: 14:30-15:30, 20:00-21:30
  • Friday: 14:30-15:30, 20:00-21:30
  • Saturday: 14:30-17:30
  • Sunday: 14:30-16:00, 20:00-21:30


  • Monday: 15:00-16:00, 20:30-22:00
  • Wednesday: 15:00-16:00, 20:30-22:00
  • Friday: 15:00-16:00, 20:30-22:00
  • Saturday: 15:00-18:00
  • Sunday: 15:00-16:30, 20:30-22:00

New Fissue Dungeon times:
both the fissure and the normal varieties will now be open at the following times:

  • 6:30-7:00
  • 9:30-10:00
  • 12:30-13:00
  • 15:30-16:00
  • 18:30-19:00


  • Immortal Rift. Accessed from Leonidas in the Guild area of Freedom Harbor, Guilds will have to opportunity to show their devotion to the gods and battle against others for glory everlasting! And also loot!
  • Exorcism. Ever wonder how the bases float? Find out through this event that is open to the entire guild and any friends who wish to join. Gather extra resources for your guild and be rewarded with gifts.
  • Alliances. Choose your friends wisely, for they will be able to enter your base tax free, and can also get you embroiled in their Wars with other Guilds!
  • New Buildings. Access more higher level crafting recipes and goods.
  • Reserve. Guild Funds are no longer used to finance things within the guild except maintenance, instead build the Chamber of Commerce to gain access to all the benefits of Guild Reserve. Guild Leaders and Officers can change Reserve into Funds at any time, or they can spend it to start Guild Events, or pay for Base and Immortal Rift Auctions. Reserve is gained by doing quests for the Guild.

Pets, Mounts, And Items:

  • All new pets added, keep your eyes on the Eyrda Boutique to acquire the perfect companion including an armadillo, a panda, and a baby woolly mammoth!
  • Not to be left out, there are several new mounts that will be introduced to the Eyrda Boutique. Watch for updates that could give you the opportunity to ride in style on a Penguin or a Dragon!
  • The Eyrda Boutique has exciting new items to help you stand out in chat, personalize yourself or your pet, or become a VIP of Eyrda. Make sure to check often for that perfect item.
  • Two new tabs added to Otis Horkennan's Shard Exchange. Trade the Amethyst and Sapphire Crystals found in packs for re-identify scrolls on the Crystals tab, or save your tokens for rare mounts and pets on the new Special tab!
  • The number of times you can use any Dreamland Wine in a day has been increased from 5 to 10.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

  • The Corrupt Panther and Nyos' Minion Mounts can now be upgraded into Combat versions!
  • Celladius has returned to the land of the living just in time for Halloween. Zombie Celladius?
  • The Vampire Bat will now correctly spawn outside of the Den of the Eyeless.
  • Characters can receive buffs and gifts when praying on their mounts. The animation is better too (no more standing through your mount).
  • Guild: Donation quests requiring high level materials can be completed.
  • You can now search for and recruit Apprentices with names up to 14 characters.
  • The Available Quests list can now be sorted by name for easier searching.
  • The Sleeping Jungle now comes with its very own background music.
  • Many items previously unable to be auctioned can now be placed for sale in the Auction House.
  • Dawn Scrolls can be stacked in the bag again.
  • Natural Science Collection Cards and Legend entries display correctly.
  • Multiple corrections to skill and talent images in the Encyclopedia.
  • Quality carving Knives (for high level Artisan crafting recipes) are now available in the Guild Base.
  • Missing images from high level Help Menus have been fixed.
  • My Friends Menu buttons are no longer blocked by categories and are now fully functional.
  • Achievement and Title categories in the Rankings Menu no longer display "num" after the values.
  • New window confirms price before auctioning items.
  • New graphic options to improve performance in crowded or graphically intensive areas.
  • Pet Self Protection now remembers settings and automatically loads the appropriate potions.
  • The Drunkard in the Tavern will now sell any books from Tavern Quests that may have been missed.
  • Price listing for Soul Coins has been updated to show Gold, Silver, and Copper at all times.
  • Repair fees for Purple Gear have been reduced.
  • Lionheart Scrolls are no longer available through the Heptameron, they can be purchased from the Shylia Market.
  • The Abyss Capricorn is no longer available as a reward for the Guide: Factoids quest, now comes from the Shylia Market.
  • Additional Mysterious Vendors have been added to Freedom Harbor to facilitate Shard Gear exchange.

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Chains of Kluer

  • Mounted Combat: No longer will your mount flee from battle. Talk to Hugh Sutherland to start the quest to upgrade your mount after level 45 and enjoy being able to get around AND fight that much faster!
  • Level Cap Raised: 70-80 content opened. Level 70 players will automatically receive the new Main Quest in Sleeping Jungle. Many new quests added that are automatically granted at the appropriate levels. Also make sure to check out the new Tavern Quests
  • New Instances: The Forgotten Prison. Speak to the guard standing next to Hugh Sutherland to enter and discover the reasons behind the corruption beneath Freedom Harbor! Immortal Pool. Tired of the same old Creekbank? Try the Immortal Pool, a new high level pet instance in Sleeping Jungle. This instance can be entered via Hicks in Freedom Harbor, or Sleeping Jungle.
  • Pet Journeys: Lola cheating? Tired of getting a group to do Gods Trial? After a short conversation with Rachel at Lv45+, you can have your pet do events and instances in your place. It will take them longer, but they are not as skilled as you are, and the closer you and your pet are, the faster they will return with your rewards. Pet Journeys count for your daily runs, and can fulfill the requirements of the Daily Luck Quests!
  • Guild Base Upgrades: New levels of all Guild Base structures, and brand new Support ships that will lower maintenance costs across the board.
  • Boutique Interface: The Eyrda Boutique has been completely changed to make it easier to find what you are looking for. It now features all new search filters, and preview pane that will show Fashion, Mounts, and Pets that are selected so you can build your look completely before buying! When trying things on in the dressing room you can choose to Buy All, and not have to worry about finding that perfect outfit again.
  • Marriage Leveling: Speak with Larry White while partied with your spouse to get Marriage Quests. Completing these quests will raise the level of your marriage and unlock hidden perks!
  • Higher Level Events: Including Hunting Festival: Winter Heights and a new instance in the Tower of Sorcery.
  • Sleeping Jungle Adventure: A new kind of quest in Sleeping Jungle. Hire a group of brave explorers and help them search for hidden treasures!
  • New Job Levels: New levels, skills, and recipes for all Jobs.
  • New Pets: All new tamable pets available in Sleeping Jungle for high level Tamers.
  • New Rankings: Soul Coins, Achievement, Title, PK and Job EXP. Enjoy finding new ways to rule Eyrda.
  • Arena Changes: Able to check the score mid-battle by clicking the button to the right of the countdown. Additionally all Exchange vendors have refined their shops so you no longer have to sort through gear for another class. 4 Weekly Arena Quests added.

New Items:

  • Spirit Whistle: Adds Companion Points to allow you to send your Pet on more Journeys. Usable 7 times a day to grant 30 Companion points at a time.
  • Ancient Blood: A mystical item that allows you to upgrade your mount to [Combat] status.
  • Mounted Combat License: An item that resides in a new gear slot on your character allowing you to ride any Combat mount into battle. This item is time limited and can be acquired in the following ways:
    • 1) A quest starting at Hugh Sutherland for all characters Lv60 and above.
    • 2) A new Token Vendor in Freedom Harbor Square. Otis is always happy to trade Tokens acquired from packs for various items.
    • 3) Trade Mentor Points with Vanessa for a License.
  • All new Pets, Mounts, and Fashion. Check out the Eyrda Boutique frequently for new, powerful items!

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Pets can be renamed again!
  • Instance Achievements are listed again in Legends.
  • Party Member location tool tips now state where a party member is.
  • Warriors have stopped flexing oddly and now pull out their sword when idle.
  • Nightmare Oasis now has a chance to grant items needed to build the Support Ships in the Guild Base.
  • Pet Gorge does not degrade as quickly when the Pet dies. It has been adjusted from 10% loss down to 3% loss.
  • Pet Interact points are now easier to gain, you will need them for the Journey system.
  • Able to Pray, Portal, and use Job recipes while mounted.
  • Now able to use Gold Coins during a quest to make up for the lack of Soul Coins.
  • Warrior skill Combat Rampage will now limit the number of damage stacks to 10.
  • Warrior skill Soul-Devouring Power now increases Attack only for the next attack.

Skill and Talent Updates:

  • Warrior:
    • [Aegis Talent] Art of Surviving: Added effect-Increases the duration of Divine Uphold by 2/4/6 seconds.
    • [Aegis Talent] Hope: While under the effects of Life Guardian, the HP recovery of each hit will is increased from 2/3/4% to 2/5/8%.
    • [Aegis Talent] Concentration: Adds Concentration while under the effects of Life Guardian. Increases healing effects by 20/40% and grants immunity to interrupts and silences. At Lv2, this effect is also added to Divine Uphold.
    • [Aegis Talent] Choir of Thunder: Increases the damage of Lightning Slash, Thunder Slash and Raging Shock by 5/10/15%.
    • [Aegis Talent Skill] Raging Shock: Offensive wind spell. Requires Combat Stance. Deals 100% basic attack plus scaling bonus attack. Reduces the Mastery of the target for their next 2 attacks by 300. Lasts for 8 seconds.
    • [Bloodlust Talent] Contract of Blood: Added effect-Increases the duration of Blood Soak by 2/4/6 seconds.
    • [Bloodlust Talent] High Frequency Blade: Increases the Crit damage of Bash, Evil Ward, Bloodsuck Slash and Sacrifice by 5/10/15%.
    • [Bloodlust Talent] Enforced Devour: Increases the duration of Soul Devour by 2/4/6 seconds. Each attack has a 50/100% chance to add a stack of Soul Devour. Increases the bonus damage by 0.5/1%.
    • [Bloodlust Talent Skill] Sacrifice: Strikes the target twice for physical damage. Requires Bloodrage Stance. Each hit deals 90% basic attack and scaling bonus damage. Each hit will sacrifice 10% of your HP and adds that amount to your attack.
    • [Elemental Talent] Combat Rampage: Increased bonus damage from 1/2/3% to 2/4/6% while Divine Uphold is active. Stacks reduced from 10 to 5. Duration increased from 8 to 10. Added Damage changed from increasing base attack to increasing max attack.
    • [Elemental Talent] Blood Soak Mastery: Increases the change to the duration of Blood Soak from 3/6 to 5/10 seconds.
    • [Elemental Talent] Rain of Blood: Reduces the Defense of targets affected by Blood Soak by 5/10/15% and their Evasion by 15/30/40. Increases the range of Blood Soak by 2/4/6 meters.
    • [Elemental Talent] Raging Devour: Reduces the cooldown of Soul Devour by 15/30 seconds. Soul Devour has a 50/100% chance to grant immunity to speed reduction and ensnare effects. This effect ends after a successful attack.
    • [Elemental Talent Skill] Slash Storm: Attacks targets within 7 meters. Strikes 3 times. Each hit deals 50% of your Attack plus bonus damage. The first, second, and third hits have a 20%/30%/40% chance to interrupt the targets casting. The last hit knocks the target back.
  • Protector:
    • [Diamond Talent] Weakness Exposure: Increases the reduction of the targets Critstrike rate by 3%-6% at random, lasts for 5 seconds.
    • [Diamond Talent Hardened Will: Increases each point of Fury effect to grant a chance to remove ensnare and speed reduction by 5/10%. When reaches Lv2, besides removing ensnare and speed reduction, it can remove another negative effect.
    • [Diamond Talent Skill] Soul of the Land: Earth 2.5 seconds 1 hit offensive spell. Deals 150% basic attack and extra damage. Has Earthen Soulbreak effect on the target. Increases the damage on target by 8% and lasts for 8 seconds. Each point of Fury increases Earthen Soulbreaks duration by 1 second.
    • [Granite Talent] Might of Light: Reduces all the cooldown of Light damage skills by 1/2 seconds. Increases the Critstrike by 3/6%.
    • [Granite Talent] Guard Courage: All auras of Protector will have the effect of increasing the Crit Dodge rate by 1/2%.
    • [Granite Talent Skill] Defensive Assist: Protector creates a protecting cover, team members within 10 meters can reduce 30% of damage from being directly attacked. Lasts for 15 seconds. To keep the protecting cover, the Protector himself cannot have this damage reducing effect.
    • [Marble Talent] Faith: Reduces the cooldown by 5/10 seconds. If you are attacked within 12 seconds, each hit will make you recover 15/30% of the HP lost to the Shield. 5 times at most.
    • [Marble Talent] Entrench: Hard Smash, Counter Strike, Fury of Light and Earthen Penance have bonus attack equal to 10/20/30% of Protectors Defense. Retaliate Aura also has bonus attack equal to 10/20/30% of Protectors Defense.
    • [Marble Talent Skill] Stone Skin: Removes negative effects and absorbs 60% damage for 15 seconds. Reduces the movement speed by 25%. You can cast this skill under Silence and Stun state.
  • Assassin:
    • [Venom Talent] Darkness Expert: When the Assassin inflicts its target with a bleed, the targets Masteries are reduced by 15/30/40 for the duration of the bleed.
    • [Venom Talent] Venomous Blade: Flair and Mutilation have a chance to poison the target for 10 seconds. The poison increases the damage dealt bleed effects by 20%, and slows the target by 15/30/45%. The poison lasts for 10 seconds.
    • [Venom Talent] Abomination: The Assassins Finisher skills treat 1/2/3 Blast Orbs as if they were Agony Orbs. At rank 3, the effect of the Blast Orbs will not be reduced.
    • [Venom Talent Skill] Mutilation: Strike the target four times with Dark attacks. Each hit deals 70% of your attack plus bonus damage. The target loses 1% Health per second and their movement speed is reduced by 10%. Lasts for 10 seconds.
    • Dark Nightmare has a chance to enable Mutilation. 0/1/2/3/4/5 Agony Orbs grants a 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% chance to enable to skill for the next 45 seconds.
    • [Edge Talent] Embrace of Death: Increases the duration of Shadowbreak and Deputy of Death by 2/4/6 seconds. While Deputy of Death is active, the Accuracy of skills with multiple strikes is increased by 10/20/30.
    • [Edge Talent] Prohibition: Blast Orb grant Throat Seal and Gouge the chance to disable the target. Reduces the movement speed by 25/50% and Accuracy by 15/30. Lasts for 4 seconds.
    • [Edge Talent Skill] Imperiling Hack: Strikes the target four times. Each hit deals 70% base damage plus bonus damage. Crit damage of each hit is increased by 4%, 6%, 8% and 10%, respectively.
    • Nightmare Termination has a chance to activate Imperiling Hack. 0/1/2/3/4/5 Blast Orbs grants a 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% chance to enable the skill for the next 45 seconds.
    • [Dark Talent] Phased Action: If the Assassin evades 5 attacks with Swift Evasion active (with no more than 2 seconds between each evasion), they enter an enhanced stealth state. Enhanced Stealth does not end when you attack or are attacked for 3/4/5 seconds or 4 attacks, whichever is shorter.
    • [Dark Talent] Covert Stalker: The bonus damage of Assassinate, Thrust of pain, Throat Seal, and Pitch is increased by 15/30%.
    • [Dark Talent Skill] Shadow Bites: Requires Stealth. Strikes the target 3 times with Dark attacks. Each hit deals 70% of base Attack plus scaling bonus damage. Each hit has a 15% chance to silence the target for 3 seconds.
    • Pitch: Casting Pitch while in Stealth grants a 100% chance to dismount the target.
  • Vampire:
    • [Blood Talent] Blood Tie Extension: Increases the range of healing skills by 2/4 meters and the amount of Health restored by 15/30%.
    • [Blood Talent] Blood Fever: While Blood Rite is active, Dark Contract and Invigoration increase the movement speed of the target by 25/50% and increases the Masteries by 80/160 for 5 seconds. Vampires Sigil reduces the targets movement speed by 25/50% and decreases the Masteries by 80/160 for 5 seconds.
    • [Blood Talent Skill] Withered Space: The Vampire embraces their curse. Reduces all Masteries by 200 within 20 meters. The Vampire is only able to cast Healing or Curse spells. Increases max Health by 50% and increases their healing range by 50%. Anytime Dark Contract or Seed of life is cast on another target it is also applied to the caster.
    • [Shadow Talent] Congealed Veins: Immune to slow effects while Vampire form is active.
    • [Shadow Talent] Shadow Rage: Reduces the cooldown of Shadow Scar by 2/4 seconds, and increases the Crit Chance of each hit by 2/4% and 4/8% respectively.
    • [Shadow Talent] Soul Power: Increases the base damage of Dark Ripple, Charmed Strike, Wrath Kill, and Shadow Scar by 5/10/15/20%.
    • [Shadow Talent Skill] Imp Form: The Vampire transforms into an Imp. Evasion is increased by 100. The Vampire is only able to use Charmed Strike for the duration of the transformation. The cooldown of Charmed Strike is decreased to 3 seconds, and base damage is reduced to 10%. Reduces Evasion of targets within 5 meters by 60. Lasts 20 seconds.
    • [Inferno Talent] Scorching Curse: Unquenchable Flames and Hellfire Death inflict the Soulfire Curse on the target which will drain Health and Mana each time the target attacks for the next 3/4/5 seconds. The amount of Health and Mana drained is determined by the Vampires Fire Mastery.
    • [Inferno Talent] Hellfire Fury: Increases the bonus damage of Evil Flame and Hellfire Death by 5/10/15%. And increases their Crit Chance by 3/6/9%.
    • [Inferno Talent Skill] Infernal Slaughter: Single target offensive Fire spell. Deals 120% of the Vampires attack plus scaling bonus damage. Deals extra damage to targets afflicted by Flame Curse. The amount of bonus damage is determined by the Vampires Fire Mastery. If the target has Dark Curse, Flame Curse and Blood Curse active, they will be stunned for 3 seconds.
  • Bard
    • [Wind Talent] Wind Rhythm: Added Effect-Reduces the cooldown of Note of Rest by 10/15 seconds.
    • [Wind Talent] Inspire: Replaces the old talent: Interference which reduced a targets Masteries by 10/20/30. Now each stack of Movement: Courage increases the bonus damage on dealt to the target by 0.6/1.2/1.8% of Bards base Attack.
    • [Wind Talent] Windstorm Movement: Added Effect-Movement spells increase Crit Dodge by 1%/2%.
    • [Wind Talent] Notes of Wind: Increases the damage of Chord of Wind, Rhapsody of Wind, Requiem and Frost Storm by 15/30%.
    • [Wind Talent] Wind Inspiration: Reduces the cooldown of Solo of Wind, Voice of Freedom, Requiem and Frost Storm by 10/20/30%.
    • [Wind Talent Skill] Requiem: Multi-target offensive spell. Deals damage to up to 15 enemies within 10 meters of the target. Activates a C Chord.
    • [Water Talent] Music of Water: Duration of Divine Punishment increased from 12 seconds to 20 seconds.
    • [Water Talent Skill] Triple Partita: Cast time decreased from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds. The Crit Chance no longer depends on the number of D Chords active. The Crit Chance of Water damage skills is now directly increased by 4%.
    • [Water Talent] Rippling Water Mastery: Added Effect-Duration of the Frozen state from Note of Rest is increased by 1/2 seconds.
    • [Water Talent] Waterblade Pulse: Bonus damage of Chords of Water, Rhapsody of Water and Frozen Fugue is increased by 10/20%. Frost Storm has a 50/100% chance to interrupt the target.
    • [Water Talent] Reflection: When attacked during the Sonata of Water, movement speed of the attacker is reduced by 30/40/50% for 5/6/7 seconds. Duration of this effect is determined by Aria Aegis.
    • [Water Talent Skill] Frozen Fugue: Offensive Single Target Water spell. Activates a D Chord. Has a 25% chance to freeze the target for 2 seconds.
    • [Light Talent] Hymn: Song of Life: Added Effect-Max Health of the target is increased by 10/15% for 10 seconds.
    • [Light Talent] Song of Saints: Added Effect-While Hymn: Song of Life is active, the Bards movement speed is increased by 15/30% and Evasion is increased by 15/30 for 6 seconds.
    • [Light Talent] Notes of Light: Added Effect-While Note of Rest is active, being attacked will cause the Bard to gain 3/5% of their max Health up to 10 times.
    • [Light Talent] Healing Melody: Increases the Crit Chance of Sonata of Life, Solo of Light and Hymn: Baptism by 3/6/9%.
    • [Light Talent] Glitter: Increases the bonus damage of Chord of Light, Voice of Light and Light Reverie by 15/30% and reduces the cooldown by 0.5/1 second.
    • [Light Talent Skill] Concerto of Life: Offensive Light spell. Activates an E Chord and grants 5% of current Health. Triggers Life Vision. While Life Vision is active, healing effects are increased by 15% for 10 seconds.
    • Note of Rest: Note of Rest lasts 10 seconds. While Note of Rest is active, the Bards Resistances are increased. Increase is dependent on the level of skill and the number of active Chords.
  • Marksman:
    • [Precision Talent] Lethal Control: Double Shot increases Earth Mastery by 40/80 and Crit Chance rate by 4/8%. Each shot has a 50/100% chance to generate a Soul Bullet instead of costing one.
    • [Precision Talent] Strengthen Up: Increases Attack by 2/4/6% plus 25/50/75 bonus damage.
    • [Precision Talent Skill] Dazing Shot: Curse a single target to weaken it. Reduces its Masteries by 80 and Crit damage by 35%. Lasts for 15 seconds.
    • [Soul Talent] Hindering Mark: Reduces the movement speed of a target affected by Hunter Mark by 10/20%. Reduces the effectiveness of healing skills on the target by 10/20%.
    • [Soul Talent] Soul Focus: Reduces the cooldown of Soul Resolution by 5/10/15 seconds. Reduces the cooldown of Double Shot by 10/15/20 seconds. Reduces the cooldown of Spare Ammo by 10/20/30 seconds.
    • [Soul Talent Skill] Spare Ammo: Gain 5 Soul Bullets immediately and reset the cooldown of Soul Resolution and Double Shot. For 10 seconds, all single-target offensive Fire attacks have no bullet cost if Crack Shot Time is active, and the Marksman is immune to silence. Spare Ammo can be used while stunned or silenced.
    • [Burst Talent] Soul Spark: Using Fire multi-target skill under Extreme Fury effect recovers 3/6% of the max HP and has a 50/100% chance to cost no bullet under Crack Shot Time effect.
    • [Burst Talent] Enervating Fire: Soul Snipe and Rake of Fury add a burn that reduces the targets Attack by 1/2% per stack. Able to stack up to 10 times.
    • [Burst Talent Skill] High Velocity Shot: Multi-target offensive spell. Strikes up to 15 targets in a line. While Crack Shot Time is active, High Velocity Shot costs 1 Soul Bullet, and the bonus damage is increased by 20%. Additionally, any burn effects will be dispelled from the target. For every 2 stacks of a burn effect, the target is silenced for 1 second, up to 4 seconds total. Only affects the burn effects from Soul Snipe or Rake of Fury.
  • Mage:
    • [Fire Talent] Evoke: Grants your Fire spells a 50/100% chance to increase your Crit damage by 2%. Stacks 10 times and lasts 10 seconds.
    • [Fire Talent] Breath of Inferno: Increases the base damage of Fire Ball, Rage of Demons and Tide of Flames by 10/20/30%.
    • [Fire Talent Skill] Spark Burst: AoE offensive Fire spell. Deals 200% damage plus scaling bonus damage to all enemies within 10 meters of the target. Enemies that are struck will be stunned for 1-5 second(s).
    • [Lightning Talent] Amplified Paralyze: Grants Natures Fury a 50/100% chance to inflict Amplified Paralyze which reduces the targets Accuracy by 60 and Evasion by 40. Lasts for 15 seconds.
    • [Lightning Talent Skill] Thunder Tempest: Self Blessing. Costs 5% of the Mages Mana to activate Thunder Tempest, which increases Crit Chance and reduces Wind spell cooldowns for 10 seconds.
    • [Lightning Talent Skill] Purgatory of Lightning: Strikes all targets within 16 meters 6 times. Each hit deals 50% damage plus scaling bonus damage. Each hit has a 40% chance to paralyze the targets.
    • [Frost Talent] Frozen Prison: Single target offensive spells (Ice Arrow and Ice Spike) can remove the targets burn and paralyzed effects and replace them with a freeze effect, reducing the targets Attack and Defense by 10/20%, and speed by 25%%. Lasts for 10 seconds.
    • [Frost Talent] Dispelling Water: Reduces the cooldowns of Frost Realm and Ice Edge by 5/10 seconds.
    • [Frost Talent Skill] Ice Edge: AoE Offensive Water spell. Deals 100% of the Mages Attack plus scaling bonus damage to up to 16 targets within 10 meters and inflicts a Frost Realm. Targets will be unable to move, but their Defense will be increased by 5%. The freeze effect ends if the target is hit twice.
    • Transform: Transform can now interrupt casting.
  • Priest:
    • [Human Divine Talent] Angelic Blessing: Increases the effectiveness of Angelic Harmonics heal by 10/20/30%. Reduces the cooldown of Light of Sanctuary by 20/40/60 seconds.
    • [Elf Divine Talent] Advent: Increases the effectiveness of Angelic Harmonics heal by 5/10/15% and reduces the cooldown by 1/2/3 seconds.
    • [Divine Talent] Divined Extolment: Reduces the cooldown of Light of Heaven by 1/2/3 seconds and Divine Shield by 3/6/9 seconds. Reduces the Mana cost of both by 15/30/45%.
    • [Divine Talent] Purifying Light: Removes the most recent debuff on the target.
    • [Human Rebel Talent] Verdict: Increases the bonus damage of Divine Judgment by 10/15%. Inflicts the target with Conviction Mark, reducing the targets healing effects by 10/15%.
    • [Elf Rebel Talent] Judgment: Increases the bonus damage of Divine Judgment by 10/15%. Activates Natural Protection, which increases healing effects by 20% for 20 minutes.
    • [Rebel Talent] Abandonment: Reduces the cooldown of Strike of Punishment by 1/2 seconds. Strike of Punishment and Light Punishment have a 10/20% chance to remove a healing effect on the target, and make it so the target cannot be healed for 3 seconds.
    • [Rebel Talent Skill] Punishing Removal: Removes Attack buffs of up to 20 enemies within 10 meters.
    • [Glacial Talent] Angelic Asylum: Reduces the cost of Angelic Harmonic by 15/30%. Each heal has a 10/20% chance to remove a bleeding or burning effect. The chance of removing it from a target within 8 meters is increased by 20/40%.
    • [Glacial Talent Embrace of Aurora: Increases the base Attack of offensive Water skills by 10/20%.
    • [Glacial Talent Skill] Stilled World: AoE Offensive Water spell. Deals 100% base Attack and scaling bonus damage to all enemies within 8 meters of the target. Reduces targets healing effects by 20% and Water Resistance by 60. Lasts for 10 seconds.

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Gaze of Larex

  • Arenas: Press T to open the Party System during the designated times and queue to join either 3v3 or 6v6 battles. Just like a normal instance you may choose to enter in a group of 3 or 6, or take your chances and apply personally. Rewards can be purchased by entering the purple portal opposite Hugh Sutherland and spending your hard won arena points at special vendors.
  • Marriage: Speak with the Wedding Manager next to Rio in Freedom Harbor if you're interested in Marriage. You will need at least 2 rings (one Bride's Ring and one Groom's Ring) to get hitched. The Wedding Manager will happily talk you through the whole process including, should the worst happen, divorce.
  • New AFK Zone: The Training Grounds are calling out to all adventurers. Anytime over level 40 speak to your Faction Rep Leader, and the AFK option will be replaced with the offer to enter the Training Grounds. Not only can you can EXP here, but you can also Auction, Vend, Refine Gear, and use your Bank.
  • Advanced Nightmare Carnival: I know you've been waiting, it's finally here. Lv40+ in a party of 3 or more. Play chess, shoot cannons, slaughter discriminately, and bounce your way to all new prizes, and the chance to get some costumes of the carnival workers.
  • Level Cap Raised: 60-70 content now open. See the game's main page to keep up on all the news about Ancestral Catacombs.
  • Dancing! After reaching Lv5 Socialite you can learn to Dance from Pierre Dannika. It's said that you can even teach your party members how to emulate your sweet moves.
  • Pet Soul Transfer: A new option from Hicks. With the correct item you will be able to transfer all talent levels and skills to a different pet.
  • New Job: Jewelcrafter now open. Speak to Mina Starwind near the Artisan tutor to learn how to create rings, necklaces, and more powerful Gems.
  • Some Graphics updates, including new party member graphics that make it much easier to track the location of your party members. Hint: This is very useful in an arena.

New Items:

  • Chromatic Shell: This useful item found will allow you to automatically finish the Guild Base quest Benefits: Base Construction. You can Donate it at the Guild Base Manager to instantly gain the rewards of all 4 rounds of your Construction quests.
  • Lucky Top: Irritated that you got Run Lola, Run again? Now you can spin the top after receiving a Personal Luck quest to drop the quest with no penalty. It also has a chance to give you a Green or Blue Personal Luck quest that will grant greater rewards.
  • Memory Fruit: For use in the Training Grounds, this item grants you the maximum amount of Memory Berries, which are enhanced versions of Memory Lotus for higher level characters. You can also gain Memory Berries from the beasts that roam the northern corner of the Training Grounds, but be careful if you're on a PvP server as anyone can and will compete with you for these resources.

Bug Fixes

Skill and Talent Updates:

  • Warrior:
    • [Elemental Talent] Blade of Reflection: Activates Blade of Reflection, Reduces Evasion by 50%, Time active reduced from 12s/15s to 10s/12s, Cooldown increased from 90s to 120s.
    • [Elemental Talent] Counter Master: Reduces Counter damage increases from 20/40/60% to 10/20/30%.
    • [Elemental Talent] Thunder Storm: (Human Warrior) If the second hit of Thunder Slash is a Crit, the stun time of the target changes from 2s/4s to 1~2s / 3~4s. (Elf Warrior) If the first hit of Thunder Slash is a Critstrike, then stun time of the target changes from 2s/3s to 1~2s / 2~3s.
    • [Elemental Talent] Frenzy Outbreak: The Evasion reduction caused by Frenzy Stance is adjusted from 50/100% to 25/50%, Defense reduction caused by Frenzy Stance is lowered by 25/50%.
    • [Phantom Talent] Thunder Struck: (Human Warrior) If the second hit of Thunder Slash is a Crit, then the silence time changes from3s/5s to 2s/4s.
    • [Aegis Talent] Combat Defense: Adds a new effect that increases Warriors Basic Defense by 1/2/3%.
  • Protector:
    • Earth Rift: Area of Effect is adjusted from 10 meters to 7 meters, Area of slow effect is adjusted from 50% to 40%, Duration of slow effect is adjusted from 6s to 5s.
    • Retaliation Aura: Each Counter deals 5% of Protector Attack has been changed to deal 5% of target current HP.
    • [Marble Talent] Landslide: Increases the targets affected by Earth Rift from 1/2/3 to 2/4/6.
    • [Marble Talent] Schism: Improves the slow effect caused by Earth Rift from 2.5/5/7.5/10% to 3.5/7/10.5/14%, Increases the slow time from 0.5/1/1.5/2s to 0/1/2/3s.
    • [Marble Talent] Chaos Taunt: Added effect, Taunt will reduce Evasion by 15/30/45 points, lasting 8s.
    • [Diamond Talent] Code of Rift: Added effect, Earth Rift will increase Accuracy by 20/40/60 points.
    • [Diamond Talent] Sunder: Earth Rift has a 20/35/50% chance to stun the target for 1~3 seconds, the closer the target is to Protector, the longer the target will be stunned.
    • [Diamond Talent] Extension of Life: Added effect, increases Max HP by 200/400/600.
    • [Granite Talent] Nature Aura, Iceflame Aura, and Chaos Aura: Improves resistances from 45/60/75/90 to 45/70/95/120.
    • [Granite Talent] Precision of Light: Added effect, group members under Nature Aura, Iceflame Aura, and Chaos Aura get the effect: Precision of Light, gaining 11/16/21 points of Accuracy.
    • [Granite Talent] Light Barrier: Added effect, increases bonus Defense by 10/15/20.
  • Assassin:
    • Shadow Protection: The duration of Shadow Protection is reduced by 4s, the while Stealth of Shadow Protection is active, the character will not unstealth even if attacked or bleeding.
    • Deadly Chaser: Added effect, the target of Deadly Chaser will be stunned for 1 second. When using Deadly Chaser while invisible, the cooldown will be reduced by half.
    • Vicious Intention: Added effect, while Vicious Intention is active, accuracy is greatly increased greatly. Vicious Intention is now able to remove stun.
    • [Dark Talent] Swift Evasion: Increases Evasion from 135/150/165/180 to 150/180/210/240.
    • [Dark Talent] Swift Stalk: The Evasion improvement to Stealth is increased from 10% to 20% each stack.
    • [Dark Talent] Stealth Theory: Added effect, while in Stealth, the range of Blade of Hypnosis is increased by 4/8 meters.
    • [Dark Talent] Wind Speed:
    • (Vampire Assassin) The cooldown reduction of Shadow of Gale is adjusted from 10/15s to 10/20s.
    • [Edge Talent] Mind Focus:
    • (Vampire Assassin) the cooldown reduction of Deadly Chaser is changed from 2s to 3s each stack.
    • After this talent reaches Lv3, the stun time of Deadly Chaser is increased from 1s to 3s directly.
    • [Edge Talent] Bull's Eye: The stun time is adjusted from 1/2/3s to 0~1/1~2/2~3s.
  • Vampire:
    • [Dark Talent] Contract Aftermath: After using Dark Contract, has a 100% chance to add a 20/40/60/80 Evasion Improvement to the target, lasts for 3s.
    • [Blood Talent] Blood Feast: While in the Feast state, bonus HP recovery is changed from 0.5/1/1.5% to 2/4/6% every second.
    • [Blood Talent] Surging Blood: Increases Max HP and Max MP by 300/600, and provides a 2%/4% bonus to Max HP.
    • [Blood Talent] Batwing Shadow: After leaving bat form, you are immune to stun for 4/6s.
    • [Blood Talent] Blood Link: Added effect, during Invigoration, the attack of the target is increased by 8%/16%/24%/32%.
    • [Inferno Talent] Gale Wings: After leaving bat form, you retain 60% of the speed increase for 5/7/9s.
  • Bard:
    • [Wind Talent] Windblade Shield: Reduces all damage by 1/2/3%.
    • [Wind Talent] Advanced Solo of Wind: Added effect: When casting Solo of Wind, you enter a guarded state and all damage is reduced by 2/4/6%.
    • [Wind Talent] Ferocity of Wind: Accuracy of nearby party members under the effect of Movement spells is increased from 6/12 to 15/25.
    • [Wind Talent] Sandstorm: The heal effect reduction of the target is adjusted from 10/20% to 15/30%.
    • [Wind Talent] Wind Resist: The resistance bonus is increased from 10 points to 15 points each level.
    • [Water Talent] Split Flow: The resistance bonus is increased from 10 points to 15 points each level.
    • [Water Talent] Sonata of Water: Added effect, while under Water protection, immune to stun.
    • [Light Talent] Halo Resist: The resistance bonus is increased from 10 points to 15 points each level.
    • [Light Talent] Light of Life: Added effect, Sonata of Life has a 5/10/15% chance to remove targets Slow, Ensnare and Stun effect.
  • Marksman:
    • Accuracy Guidance:Increases group members accuracy by 1/2 of Marksmans Accuracy minus the members Accuracy. If the subtracted amount is lower than 16, then group members accuracy will be increased by 16. If Marksmans accuracy is more than double the group members accuracy, then the group members accuracy is doubled. Lasts for 10 minutes. The effect of Accuracy Guidance no longer disappears when you go offline.
    • Hunter Mark: Hunters Mark has a new graphical effect.
    • [Soul Talent] Professional Hunter: The range improvement of Hunters Mark is increased from 2/4/6 to 3/6/9.
    • [Precision Talent] Contact: Increases Crit Chance by 1/1.5/2%.
    • [Burst Talent] Motivate: The cost reduction of Accuracy Guidance is increased from 10/20/30% to 20/40/60%. Added effect, the duration of Accuracy Guidance is increased by 5/10/15 minutes.
    • [Soul Talent] Art of Reloading: The cooldown reduction of Quick Reloading is changed from 6/12/18/24/30s to 3/6/9/12/15s.
    • [Soul Talent] Soul Concentration: Added effect, reduces cooldown of Quick Reloading by 3/7/11/15s.
    • [Burst Talent] Rake of Fury: Attack Range is changed from 120 degrees to 90 degrees, The damage is modified from 100% to 80%, increasing to 110% during Crack Shot Time, Has a 100% chance to generate a burn effect within 8 meters, has a 50% chance to generate a burn effect past 8 meters ,When Crack Shot Time is activated, the burn effect deals 10% Fire Mastery bonus damage. The burn effect can stack and has a diminished bonus effect with every stack.
    • [Burst Talent] Scorching Heat: The basic burn effect improvement is changed to 25/50/75%, increasing by another 25/50/75% when Crack Shot Time is active Added effect: During Crack Shot Time, the duration of burn effects are increased by 1/2/3s Burn damage is increased by 5/10/15% of Fire Mastery.
    • [Burst Talent] Soul Burn: Burn damage is increased to 75/150 plus 10% of Fire Mastery. Duration is changed to 8s.
    • [Burst Talent] Flammable: The explosion effect caused by Weakening Cloud is increased by 500 points, and the explosion drains Mana equal to the damage done.
    • [Burst Talent] Backup Fire: While Quick Reloading is active, the cooldowns of Penetrating Shot and Rake of Fury are reduced by 50/100%
    • Mana cost is increased by 50/100%.
    • Penetrating Shot and Rake of Fury cost one more bullet to recover Marksmans HP by 5/10%,
    • Each cast will cause Quick Reloading to enter a 90s cooldown.
  • Mage
    • Ice Barrier: With Glacier Barrier active, the Mage is immune to all damage.
    • Magic Meditation: Increase Fire, Water and Wind Masteries for 15s. Each level of the skill grants 20 more mastery.
    • Sinister Protection: Cooldown is increased to 15s.
    • [Lightning Talent] Soul Contract: The duration of Sinister Protection is increased to 10/20s.
    • [Lightning Talent] Energy of Protection: Sinister Protection costs 1.7/1.4/1 MP to block 1 point of damage.
    • [Lightning Talent] Sinister Force: Mana loss effect is removed, Mana Explosion effect is not changed, Area of effect is reduced by 3 meters. 20s after Mana Explosion, every attack to the Mage will cause Mana loss, equal to 1% of Mages Max Mana.
    • [Lightning Talent] Static Field: Casting Sinister Force activates Exhaustion Aura, targets in range have 40/70/100% chance to be Paralyzed every 4s.
    • [Lightning Talent] Sinister Constriction: Mana loss caused by Sinister Force is increased to 50/100/150/200%, if targets Mana is below 20%, the target will be silenced for 1/2/3/4s. With 4 points in this talent, the Mage will gain equivalent Mana up to 20 times during Mana Reflection.
    • [Lightning Talent] Advanced Paralyze: Added effect, Evasion reduction caused by Paralyze is improved by 50/100%.
    • [Fire Talent] Fire Shield: Improves Fire Resistance and Physical Resistance by 30/45. Added effect, Increases Mages Crit Chance by 3/5%.
    • [Frost Talent] Ice Shield: Improves Ice Resistance and Physical Resistance by 30/45, increases Defense by 50/80. Added effect, reduces all damage to Mage by 3/5%.
    • [Frost Talent] Extremity Dimension: Recovers 1/2/3/4% HP every second. Added effect, the duration of Glacier Barrier is increased by 1.5/3/4.5/6s.
    • [Frost Talent] Drake Skin: Gain a shield when using Sinister Protection, lasting for 1/2/3s, absorbing 100% damage; the max damage absorbed is equal to 20/40/60% of the Mages Mana.
  • Priest]
    • Damnation: Reduces targets masteries.
    • [Rebel Talent] Godly Might:
    • (Human Priest) the Crit Chance reduction caused by Damnation is increased from 1/2/3% to 2/3/4%.
    • (Human Priest) Added effect, Damnation reduces targets Evasion by 10/20/30.
    • (Elf Priest) Added effect, Damnation reduces targets Evasion by 20/30/40.
    • [Divine Talent] Gods Gift: The target of Light of Sanctuary gets a 25/50% heal effect improvement for the next 10/20s.

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Known Issues

Known Issues that we are already tracking. If you find an issue not on this list please report it in the Bug Report Forum Please be patient while we get these issues fixed and keep an eye out for the patch notes when they are fixed!

Nightfall: Frostgale Fjord

  • The following fashion sets currently cannot be upgraded using the Golden Fleece, hang onto them though as we are rolling this feature out and will expand the list soon!
General Fashion: Destroyer Set, Anniversary Set, Bad Wolf/Red Riding Hood Set.
Racial Fashion: RocKing/Neko Set, Royal/Eliza Set, Bruiser/Misery Set, King's/Queen's Set, R.Z.U/Stormchaser Set, Masque/Floral Set, Hazard Set, Slaughter Set, Death/Bloodnight Set, Shadow/Darkness Set.
  • There is a Golden Scroll in the Token of Faith Shop that is made for items that have not yet been added to our version. Please avoid purchasing the item you cannot yet use.
  • Fe-NRIR Mk VII currently is unable to be auctioned.
  • The Arrows for the White Rune branch of the Soul Power trees appears graphically in reverse order to the rest of the tree.
  • Bobroah and the Guide Maid have been removed from game.
  • Currently Unable to activate the Guild Tabards when in a Guild War.
  • Upgraded versions of fashion sets will not grant titles. Make sure to grab the title before you upgrade!


  • Event UI incorrectly displays 3v3 arenas lasting until 1630 on Sundays.
  • Individual Fissure Dungeons are not listed on the Event UI.
  • Warrior Reputation set currently matches the PvP set graphically.
  • There is a loading screen crash that primarily affects 64-bit OSes, the devs are working to figure out the cause.

Storms of War

  • Natalie and Donald Blake cannot be searched for on the Map.
  • The Lenasha Shadow Drakes have become even more enigmatic than ever before and now have completely enveloped themselves in an orb of shadow.
  • Hugh Sutherland is deeply grieving and as a result is silent during wedding ceremonies again for the time being.
  • Encyclopedia is still in the process of being updated.