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Fort Rotulor is the first instance you can enter in Forsaken World. It's appropriate for levels 15-20, and can be accessed through either Party Settings tool (T) or NPC stationed in front of the Fort itself, Rotulor Scout Karr, Unplowed Grounds (53 48, 5 3) (north from Freedom Harbor).



Storm Scout (Level 15-16)

Storm Pioneer (Level 15-16)

Bloodbone puppet (Level 15-16)

These 3 mobs are usually paired up, but some of the Storm Scouts can also be found patrolling the area.


Deborah Lilith (Level 18)

"I've spent hundreds of years in a prison. I thirst for fresh blood to moisten my throat."

She will spawn a few minutes after the party enters the Instance, waiting in the far aisle of the location. She's a fairly easy boss, as expected from being in the first instance of the game. After damaging her health to 50% she will transform into a green spider with the upper torso of a woman with green spiky hair, this form does not grant her any new abilities.

Take caution, every mob in the instance is linked to her, pulling her pulls all unkilled mobs left.


  • Demon's Whisper - Curse damage, DoT lasting 15 seconds. Directional AoE - she may turn around during the fight to cast it on people who approach her from back.


"I love disorder and deprivation more than all the other things in the world!"
Deborah Lilith was born to be a devil. Her mother, who is a witch that believes in devils, met one in a celebration and then gave birth to Lilith.
Deborah Lilith had a strong evil power when she was a child, and was often trying to kill everything around her just for fun. The strong evil frightened her mother so she decided to sacrifice Lilith to the devil once she grew up.
Sadly, things didn't go that way. Before Deborah Lilith had grown up, she already tricked her mother and absorbed all of her power. She then pushed her mother off a cliff.
Deborah Lilith wandered in the wilderness. She arbitrarily toyed with or killed any Adventurers she could in order to create rumors about her. Deborah Lilith was the incarnation of an evil dragon. Deborah Lilith was a devil who came from hell. Deborah Lilith was one of the leaders of the Storm Legion. These rumors attracted many people and one of them even followed her in to the wilderness.
He earned Deborah Lilith's loyalty with the price of immortality. He loved the girl with all her disorders and deprivation very much, because he could find himself in her. This man is the second generation of Kindred - Dagmara!
When you face Deborah Lilith you must be careful. She is not only a Kindred, but also a Mage.
You must be cautious of her evil power which could change her into a devil!

Duo (Level 17)

Duo is a phantom slithering around the middle of the dungeon, he is not linked to any mobs in the dungeon. He's got a weak and close range AoE.


I am the dog of Koey Family!
Prim, acrid, obstinate and loyal. This is Duo. Duo's childhood was full of darkness because he was very poor. He followed ruffians and thieves in order to steal the purses of nobles on the road. His life was hard, and it was obvious that he was very bad at being a thief.
It wasn't until the father of Koey duke appeared that this type of life ended for him. The father of Koey duke caught Do, but instead of punishing him, he brought Duo to his castle.
There, he gave Duo a life like an aristocrat, where Duo received the best education. Once Duo had grown up, he became the steward of Koey Family. He followed every order that Koey Family gave him. He even sent his son to the army and ask him to protect the Koey Family with his life, which he did.
When Koey duke inherited everything from his father, he wanted to give a big manor to the old steward so that Duo could live the rest of his life there in peace. But old man Duo refused this suggestion: "I am the dog of Koey Family. Let me serve you till I die!".
If you meet Duo at Fort Rotulor, please be careful, because he hates thieves the most!


  • Rum

Part of the quest intrducing players to this instance. Task is to kill a Storm Pioneer and thus get a bottle of Rum for Wott the Drunkard. Note: The item will only be given to the person who delt most damage to the monster.

  • Sisterly Love

Obtained from Melanie, right at Fort's entrance. This quest will trigger appearance of one more monster. Inside the Instance, near wall in the right corridor (check map above) there's NPC called Lord's Guardian. After a person with this quest in log talks to him (it completes first part of quest for all party members who have it!) a monster "Gerard the Crazed" will appear and only after killing him players will be able to talk to Melanie's brother Gerard.

  • The Price of Art

Quest started at Baron Savrenie in Freedom Harbor, requires killing Deborah Lilith. Reward for it is Fort Rotulor Footprint card, Dim Star Debris and 2400 Experience.

  • Azur's Mum

Azur is a little lizardy creature that will randomly appear at the dungeon entrance, asking for brave adventurers to save his (her?) Mum. Quest will be completed after killing Deborah Lilith.


The only type of plant that can be found in this dungeon is the Peace Lily. There are 4 spawn spots for it: first one in corridor left from entrance, one behind the Guard, one by the pillar on the left and one right next to Deborah's spawning point. (all spots marked on the map above)


Note: Unless you're higher level do NOT go for Deborah Lilith before you clean out Duo and all trash mobs around. If she's attacked every single monster inside this Instance will attack.

  • Route for low levels:

Kill all the mobs walking in the center area (excluding Duo!), then with the group go either left or right killing the mobs on each side. The most popular way is to start from the right because of the quest sub-boss located there. Wipe out all the mobs on one side. Progress to the middle killing any extra mobs that are surrounding Duo. Then attack and kill him. Move on to the other side wiping out any remaining mobs. Not doing so will usually wipe out the group you are in.

After all the trash mobs are killed, proceed to kill the final boss.

  • Timed Challenge! (Achievement)

There is an achievement to run Fort Rotulor in under 5 minutes and the only possible way may be to tank all the mobs while killing Deborah Lilith right off the bat.


The Rotulor Night Achievement set can be completed inside this Instance.

  • Trip at Fort Rotulor

Consists of 2 tasks : finishing quest Enter Fort Rotulor once, and entering it 5 times.

  • Trust

Completed after finishing Sisterly Love and The Price of Art quests inside the Instance.

  • Mama

Finishing quest Azur's Mum 3 times.

  • Adventurer of Fort Rotulor

Gathering Footprint Cards collection from Fort (2 cards) and finishing Time Challenge (completing Fort Rotulor instance in 5 minutes.)

Finishing all 4 achievements gives you a light blue title Rotulor Bannerman.