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Now introducing the Pet Inheritance Scroll, you can transfer all of the skills and talent levels on a pet you own onto a completely different pet! This way, you can try out a different pet type, and not lose any of the skills or talent levels in the process. It only takes a few mouse clicks to complete the transfer, so try out a new pet today!

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To use this item, you only need to follow a few easy steps. First, you need an Inheritance Scroll. You can get these out of the Eyrda Boutique. Visit Pet Trainer Hicks in the upper left hand corner of Freedom Harbor, and then select the "Pet Soul Transfer" option.

From here, drag the pet you'll be using as the source of all of the skills and talent levels into the correct box, and the pet you want all the skills and talent levels on also into the correct box. From here, you'll get a preview of what will be making the transfer, as well as the overall score that your new pet will have once you hit the "OK" button.


Once you hit "OK", your old pet will be destroyed, and your new pet will inherit all of that pets skills and talent levels. And that's it! Transferring your pets soul is an easy process, so try it out today!

New general fashions are now available for both male and female styles!

The Kat Outfit


The Sharp Suit


A new all class mount is now available! The Mastiff mount is a 150% ground speed mount that is also able to swim. This mount will definitely serve you well in your adventures around Eyrda!

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The exclusive Nightshade pet is also up for grabs in the brand new Nightshade Box! This box can be opened for a chance at the Nightshade pet, as well as many other useful items! For a full drop list, please see the item tooltip below.


Wedding packs are also now available, which are required for a couple to get married. These packs contain the wedding fashion, a wedding ring, and a marriage license.

Memory Fruits are also now available! These items can be broken down into Memory Berries, that are a super-charged form of the Memory Lotus. These items will make your AFK training much more effective. Using them is easy - just right click the fruit in your inventory to get 480 Memory Berries. Then, visit the advanced training ground by talking to the AFK training NPC for whichever race you want. You'll start consuming them automatically every minute in the same way Memory Lotuses are. And remember - both Berries and Lotuses stack for even more training time experience!

Chromatic Shells are also new in the boutique, and will help anyone that's interested in keeping their guild in pristine condition. This item will help expedite guild construction quests, and will make it much easier to keep your guilds coffers full. You can give one of these to your Guild Base Manager after completing any Base Construction daily quest. You can either increase your Guild Funds, or automatically complete a construction quest. You can use this item once a day, so make it count!

And finally the Lucky Top item is now available. This useful item lets you trash a daily Personal Luck quest and take another one - letting you re-roll which quest you get! You could also get a higher quality Personal Luck quest, so re-rolling is in your best interest! All you have to do to use this item is right click it in your inventory. Your daily Personal Luck quest will then be re-rolled, with an increased chance in receiving a higher quality quest! Get the most out of your Daily Luck quests by going for the best possible grade by using these tops!

Overall, the Eyrda Boutique has a ton of new stuff to mess around with. Whether you like to keep your character in the latest fashion, or get the most out of your daily training, the Boutique now has exactly the things you need! Check it out by hitting the "J" key in game!