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Dusk Town is located on the south-eastern coast of Oeste continent. It's homeland for Kindred and their greatest enemies - Werewolves. The other plague are Undeads. Beginner Kindred can finish the zone questline to receive their beginner equipment, the instance Defend Dusk Town is accessed through envoys in Aepelio.


  • Twilight Castle - The old manor of Vampire lords. Here Kindred begin their new life after Mythic Embrace. They can learn about the dark side of existence. Lords have some tasks for their proteges. Service is rewarded with basic equipment and some advice about new lifestyle.
  • Afterglow Cemetery - An old graveyard site, most of the deceased humans are buried under the area's soil. Newborn Zombies sprout up from here.
  • Sundown Road - A long cliffside path that leads down to the Ruined Village.
  • Ruined Village - A small human commute that is currently burning, most of the villagers have fled or been killed.
  • Hillside Fields - A grassy countryside that leads down to the Beastmir Lake.
  • Beastmir Lake - A large body of water, there is valuable herbs growing at the bottom of the lake.
  • Luminous Mark - A long stretch of murky land that is covered in rotting fauna and covered with a purple mist, the path leads north to Kalaires Plain.
  • Mount Wolvenbite - A forbidding mountain that is the home of the enemy Werewolves.