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In Forsaken World we have two primary currencies: Soul Coins and Gold Coins. Both of them have different purposes in game and even if it sounds confusing for the first time understanding them is easy. You can check the status of your funds in anytime in your bag window. You can also store part of your money in Stash. They are counted as Diamonds (D), Golds (G), Silvers (S) and Coppers (C).

There are also leaves, used in the cash shop.


Soul Coins

Soul Coins are bound to the player's character and can be used only for transactions with NPCs, like buying necessary basic supplies, paying for their services, teleporting from one land to another, or buying out EXP Aid.

How to obtain:

  • Finishing quests
  • Killing monsters
  • Selling items to NPCs

Gold Coins

Gold Coins are the currency available for players to trade with other people in game, paying for special services of NPCs or some of them will accept payment in this currency for their items. It can be also used to pay for NPCs services when you run out of Soul Coins but it's not really profitable. This currency is also a bit harder to get than soul coins.

How to obtain:

Personal Shops

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One of the easiest way to obtain Gold Coins is to sell various items (Gear, Crafting Materials, Eyrda Boutique items etc.) through a personal shop. It will take some time before you will sell everything but with the right price it shouldn't be a problem.

The best place to open the shop is Trade Realm in-game. This realm is not different from others but its basic purpose is to gather sellers in one place to make the work easier for both sides - sellers and customers.

To open your shop open the action window ("E" key) and choose Vend from the list of basic commands. Drag the items to a new window (Selling box), set the price, title of your shop and click "Done" when you're ready.

You can also use the shop for buying materials you need if you're going to open a new business for a while anyway. If you have enough money in the bag you can drag the item you need to the lower box (Buying) and upon opening your shop players interested with selling the things you need might sell it to you right away.

If you want to negotiate with the seller about the price of the item he has in shop and he's not around you can leave him a message that will be displayed in his shop history window. To leave the message type it in the small box below "Selling/Buying boxes and click Send.