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Botany is one of first three Jobs you can learn in Forsaken World, along with Cooking and Alchemy. It's available at level 10, almost as soon as character first reaches Freedom Harbor. Botany allows you to gather various plants scattered around world of Eyrda, providing necessary materials for other crafting proficiencies.

Botany Tutor Daise, is located in Craftsman Fair (58 6, 0 -56).

You can gain Botany experience by gathering plants, gaining 1 Botany EXP for a plant of 1 level lower, 2 Botany EXP for plants of players current Botany level. Each time you gather a plant one energy is used also.

Specific plants can be only found in specific areas.


Guide to levelling

Levels 1-2

The easiest way to gain level 2 is by harvesting lavender and wild rose from the Kalaires Plain area. Make sure that you have visited Daise and bought a spade, which is required for obtaining all plants. These plants are usually distanced far apart, and may require covering large distances (See Botany Maps). Lavender grows usually near the base of trees, whereas wild rose grows in more open patches.

Levels 2-3

Go to Teleporter Matthew in Freedom Quay and pay the amount to travel to the Sea of Oblivion. You will arrive in Towerpush Town, where you can begin to level up botany quite rapidly by using this map and guide:

Harvest the single Date Palm (lvl 2) slightly west of your starting location. Now head northwards towards the river bank, making sure to be west of the water mill (the river bank east of and under the mill has nothing to harvest). Harvest the Date Palm trees and Parchment Grass (lvl 2) along the way. It may appear on the mini-map as if some Parchment Grass is in the water, but actually it is just very close to the river.

As you approach the most northerly point on the map, you should come across a gathering of Ironjaws (lvl 23), which won't harm you, and a single Elite Ironjaw (lvl 26), which is aggressive. If you have reached Level 3 Botany, head around this creature and go slightly west to pick up a single Hyacinth (lvl 3). Backtrack southwards picking up anything you missed and head across the watermill.

Once you reach the other side, don't bother climbing the steps down but simply leap off the edge eastwards. There may be a Violet Kelp (lvl 2) around here, but harvesting these is purely optional throughout this guide, because they require going underwater (and hence dismounting). Stay close to the river bank as you move south, picking up any Date Palms or Parchment Grass. As you reach the peninsula just south of the Water Observatory, be wary of a single Elite Hyena Scout (lvl 26) that is aggressive.

Continue to follow the river bank as it curves round, collecting everything and anything as you move. Do this until you reach a large rock that sits on the river's edge, just under where the map says 'River Issih'. Beyond here there is nothing to pick up, so backtrack once again, this time northwards and collect anything you've missed. Go only as far as the Water Observatory Teleporter, and use this to teleport back to Towerpush Town. Once there, repeat the guide from the beginning, collecting Hyacinth when you level up, and Violet Kelp if you want.

Levels 3-4

You can continue with the above guide, if you find yourself with an abudance of energy and stagger your excursions. Otherwise, go slightly west to the Desert Tribe Ruins area, where you can gather Hyacinth (lvl 3), which will give you EXP 2 at lvl 3 (unlike either Date Palms or Parchment Grass). This area is more dangerous, although the route is easier to follow than that above:

Continue from the Hyacinth plant mentioned in the guide above (it's located east of the Desert Tribe Ruins). Be careful of the Elite Ironjaw Grunt (lvl 26) and the Elite Ironjaw Warrior (lvl 23), which are both aggressive. Collect this and move eastwards over the hill through the lighter coloured terrain. There is a plant next to the NPC Flem the Joker and another south of him, behind Ooba. This will take you between Darkmoon Ambusher (lvl 31) a Darkmoon Raider (lvl 31), and a Elite Darkmoon Slaughter (lvl 30). Head around the hill and go northwards until you reach the Mercury Trade Caravan, collecting the Hyacinth there. Backtrack until the beginning of the guide and start it over again.

Level 5

Because of their high concentration, Grapes located at the God's Vineyard in Gloomy Forest are ideal for fast experience. Realm hop when you run out of spawns. There is one bugged spawn that cannot be collected.

Level 1 Botany

  • Lavender
    Both found around first area, Kalaires Plain.
  • Peace Lily
    Can only be harvested in Fort Rotulor instance, in Kalaires Plain. (There are 4 spawn spots, near walls inside the instance)
  • Wild Rose

Level 2 Botany

Level 3 Botany

  • Cactus
    Can be found in several desert parts west from river of Sea of Oblivion.
  • Flaming Lotus
    Can be found at several spots in Lost Lighthouse instance.
  • Hyacinth
    Found mostly in western parts of Sea of Oblivion, near tree roots.
  • Golden Vine
    Has very few spawn spots in western Sea of Oblivion, close to building walls.
  • Sleeping Lotus
    Can be found floating on the water in Sea of Oblivion at Immaculate Oasis and Pond of Tears.

Level 4 Botany

Level 5 Botany

  • Bloodvine
    Can be found mostly in center of Gloomy Forest close to tree roots.
  • Grape
    Found in abundance at the God's Vineyard in Gloomy Forest.
  • Nocturnal Jade
    Can be found all around in Gloomy Forest.
  • Silver Lotus
    Can be found in few places at South-West of Gloomy Forest.
  • Specter Lotus
    Can be found in center and North-West corner of Gloomy Forest. Used only in Alchemy.
  • Violet Clover
    Can be found all around in Gloomy Forest.

Level 6 Botany

A Custom Spade or Fine Spade from Garden Assistant at your Guild Base is required to collect level 6 plants. Has a chance of breaking upon use.

Level 7 Botany

A Fine Spade from Garden Assistant at your Guild Base is required to collect level 7 plants. Has a chance of breaking upon use.

Level 8 Botany

A Fine Spade from Garden Assistant at your Guild Base is required to collect level 8 plants. Has a chance of breaking upon use.

  • Nightmare Blossom
    Found in Nightfall.
  • Shadecurse Flower
    Found in Nightfall.

Botany Maps