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Bards travel the world with their harps, singing about the deeds of great heroes all over the land. In combat, Bards can use their exceptional music ability to debilitate enemies while assisting their allies.

What Bards lack in combat skills, they certainly make up for in the mysterious effects their songs have on enemies and allies alike. With such powerful and versatile siren like abilities at their disposal, all will be affected in one way or another. When a bard is present, an average group can become a great group.

This class is available for: Elves

To see what skills the Bard can learn, see the Bard Skill List page.

To see what Bard equipment looks like, see the Armors and Weapons pages.

To learn about set gears check Bard's Sets gear page.



Bards use an unique combo system comprised of C,D & E chords to cast short duration but powerful buffs. These chords are generated via a number of their spells. Each chord lasts for a limited time and can be overwritten by the additional chords generated if the current 3 chords don't correspond to the combination needed for a song. If the combination matches to a song skill that the bard possesses, the chords are consumed.

Because activating buffs through songs requires usually attacking an enemy with spells, the Bard will consume a lot of MP and can not stay back at a safe distance like the Priest. To activate the correct spell at the right time the Bard needs to plan ahead several moves, for example skipping a spell that would produce the wrong chord.


  • AOE heals
  • Powerful buffs
  • Flexible role
  • Welcomed in groups


  • Lack of AOE damage (Learn at end game)
  • Single target heals
  • Short duration buffs
  • Slow at soloing mobs


  • Wind
  • Water
  • Light

Talent Trees

Bards specialize in the Wind, Water & Light elements with a talent tree corresponding to the elements. Further strengthening the multi-role bards as a buffer, dps or healer depending on their choice of specialization.


The Wind talent tree transforms the bard into a powerful offensive support class. While overall buff strength is increased, Movement-type buffs are strengthened and can provide additional effects with further specialization. Overall this class is best suited for making speedy and efficient dungeon runs.


Water talents are more focused on the damage dealing aspect of the bard's class with a variety of self offensive skill improvement. Aria-type songs provide additional and longer lasting buffs. Specializing in this talent tree will give the Bard the ability to better defend themselves in battle. Excels in player versus player combat.


The Light talent tree provides further enhancement to the bard's party heal repertoire and the ability to resurrect others. Their talents are focused on defensive-support, increasing the strength of Hymm-type songs and allowing parties to survive even the most vicious bosses. Light is extremely preferred if any Bard desires to be the best healer.


  • Many of the Bard's attack skills are named after music terminology, such as the three 3rd tier talent skills, Concertio, Requiem, and Fugue.
  • When chord combinations are activated a respective tune is played.
  • Bards are the only class that can resurrect in combat.