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Shifting through the shadows, they wait for an opportune moment to strike. The Assassin knows that a killing blow can prevent a thousand wasted strikes. What they may lack in brute strength or magical parlor tricks, they make up for in their dark, cunning, and deadly speed. Many unwary victims can fall to the Assassin's blade in the blink of an eye.

The Assassins have followed an ancient creed: "arrive without a trace and depart without a shadow". Even the most skilled of Assassins may not be able to handle open combat, but they always have the killing strike readied for their opponent. An Assassin can see a weak spot from a mile away, and they always use this to their advantage.

This class is available for: Humans, Kindred and male Lycans

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To learn about set gears check Assassin's Sets gear page.



Assassin are great for PK and do well in duels, but are more suited as fast, support damage dealers in PvE, given their lower defense and health but fast skill casting times and high attack. Assassins are combo point driven in order to improve and fuel their abilities. Assassins have attacks that generate Agony orbs and Blast orbs, with a maximum of 4 of each kind stacking at any time. Certain abilities (known as 'finisher' moves) consume orbs, with a higher amount of orbs increasing the amount of damage dealt. After a finisher move, if the Assassin has not generated any orbs or used an orb-generating attack, that set of orbs will dissipate.


  • High DPS (Damage Per Second)
  • High Critical Rate and Critical Damage
  • High Evasion and Accuracy
  • Stealth
  • One of the most wanted classes for PVP


  • Low HP and Defense
  • No AoE skills (Venom sins can learn a single AoE skill end game)
  • No support skills or group buffs
  • Pets and monsters can see through stealth


  • Physical
  • Dark

Talent Trees

Venom, Edge and Dark are the 3 talent trees for aspiring assassins. Each tree specifies in improving an assassin's damage output through different ways.


Venom spec specializes in Attacks and Bleeding damage. This tree is best if you enjoy putting status effects and Damage over time effects on the enemy while keeping up standard attacks and getting the most out of Agony and Blast orbs. This is the most common PVE style, but can be seen in PVP as being a support style to add poison and bleed.


Edge spec specializes in Critical rate and damage. This tree focuses strongly on increasing your crit rate and normal damage, along with many stuns as bonuses. This is the middle-ground PVE/PVP tree for Assassins. Edge Assassins covert Blast orbs due to the increase in crit percentages per orb.


Dark Assassins specialize in Evasion and dodging in and out of battle with invisibility. This tree is primarily PVP, but works well for PVE given the ability at one point to earn instant Assassinate casting and upping evasion with many buffs. Choose this, though, if you like PVP or duelling more, or just enjoy dodging monsters' attacks while you spam away.