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Female Elf (Bard class) emote "Grieve".
Social Actions are animated emotes, specific for each race. In Forsaken World they can be obtained through quests, or Action Scrolls. At this point there are 9 known Actions in game (10 if counting Embrace as a Social Action as well).
  • Taunt
  • Kiss
  • Yell
  • Pose
  • Defend
  • Grieve
  • Encourage
  • Laugh
  • Dance

You can access these actions by clicking on the running figure icon at the bottom of your chat window.

Choosing an action.


Quest-gained Social Actions


It's the first Social Action you get in game. Encourage is gained with first Rio's Gift, upon reaching level 20 and gaining Socialite job.


Quest to obtain it is triggered by an item you can randomly obtain while finishing Henries Life in Freedom Harbor dailies. Showing the item, Provoker's Face, to Charlie and listening to one of his stories results in learning the Social Action Taunt.

The Provoker's Face cannot be auctioned or put into personal shop, however it can be traded directly to another player.


Yell is second reward from Rio's Gift, when it appears after reaching level 3 Socialite.


This Social Action can be gained in 2 ways. One of which is Pierre Dannika's quest Learn Social Action Defense


Much like Defend, Social Action: Dance can be gained through a quest from Pierre Dannika. To pick up the quest character must be at least level 5 Socialite.

he other way of obtaining it is learning from other player - also through quest. Though result of the quest is a scroll - it's bound and cannot be traded, so it cannot be bought from other players like regular Action Scrolls.

ActionScroll.png Action Scrolls

These Scrolls can be obtained from quests, and then learned, traded or sold in Auction or Personal Shop.

Right-clicking the Scroll results in learning the Social Action.

Three of the Scrolls are random rewards in Perfumer quest:

  • Kiss
  • Pose
  • Grieve

The fourth scroll, Defend, can be made by a person who previously learned Defend skill from Kazmer or a Scroll gained from other player through quest Imitation: Defend.


Some action can be also obtained after collecting a whole Book from Anthology sets.

First completed Book will grant Laugh Social Action.


Embracing is a social action each character can use from the very begining of the game. Command for Embrace can be accessed from the menu after right-clicking another character's portrait - under Social option.

Each two races have a specific look for their embrace.